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What a Sign Company Can Teach You About Social Media

Looking for success in social media? Take a page out of the playbook of Signtronix, a 50-year-old manufacturer of signs for small businesses.

The signmaker reports a significant uptick in new business development—and stronger customer relations—by using Facebook and Twitter. Sure, many social media gurus make the promise of rising sales and word of mouth. But Signtronix has taken the social networking ball in its own hands and scored a s...

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Charlie Sheen Sheds Light on Marketing Mistakes

A living object lesson for entrepreneurs. That’s what Forbes columnist Steven Berglas is calling Charlie Sheen.

“With his foray into monology Charlie Sheen has become a living object lesson for entrepreneurs. In a matter of months he took a product, himself, responsible for the success of the #1 rated CBS-TV sitcom Two and a half Men, and destroyed the grip he had on a thriving customer base,” Berglas writes.

Of course,...

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What Small Biz Can Learn from Charlie Sheen’s Social Media Blitz

Think what you want about Charlie Sheen. He’s dominating social media right now. The outspoken actor has surpassed Lady Gaga and President Obama in the realm of social networking followers.

Yes, Warner Bros. may have fired Sheen from his star role on “Two and a Half Men,” but the son of Martin Sheen is blowing up Twitter, mastering video and emerging as the talk of the Facebook world. Is there a social media lesson in all this for entrep... Read more

Does Old Spice Guy Use a Virtual Office?

Isaiah Mustafa, better known as the Old Spice Guy, is the centerpiece of what some are calling one of the most brilliant ad campaigns ever -- and that was before he became a social-media sensation.

Mustafa, who presents himself in commercials as the perfect man, is now responding directly to questions from Twitter and Facebook followers via 30-second videos posted on a YouTube channel.   Read more

Getting Your Virtual Assistant to Help with Facebook, Part 3

Now that Facebook has more traffic than Google, you’ll want to make sure you are in the game. One of the best ways to promote your business on Facebook is with a fan page. Your virtual assistant can help you set up and drive awareness for your brand on Facebook. Without further ado, let’s check out some strategies for engaging with your fans and winning new ones.

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