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How Many People Really Use Virtual Offices, Anyway?

TORONTO--Wondering how many people really telecommute from a virtual office? Global Workplace Analytics promises to keep the latest data on how many people telecommute and how often they do it.

“The Census Bureau collects data on how people travel to work, with one option being not traveling at all. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) captures information on wh...

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Toronto Virtual Offices Help You Compete Globally

TORONTO—Did you know Toronto is one of the most livable and competitive cities in the world? Toronto just ranked third overall in the fifth annual Cities of Opportunity, a report from Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Partnership for New York City.

The report is a qualitative look at 2012’s emerging picture of city life in 27 world capitals of finance, commerce and culture across 10 broad categories. Again, Toronto ranks t...

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Can You Make Virtual Office Friends at Work?

TORONTO—Making friends at work is very important to Canadians and could be a key factor to workplace happiness. So the question is, can you make friends from a virtual office?

According to the survey, 66 percent of Canadian employees say they have close friendships with colleagues. What’s more, 54 percent report that having pleasant colleagues is more important ... Read more

Do Virtual Offices Help or Harm Work-Life Balance?

TORONTO—Work and home lives are “blending” for many Canadian workers. So says a new study from Randstad.

Essentially, this revelation falls in line with a concept known as workshifting. The virtual office is an enabler of this growing workplace trend—and it can also help guard workers from the potential dangers of this blended life.

Indeed, many Canadia...

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United Way Turns to Virtual Office to Cut Costs

In yet another example of organizations executing alternative workplace strategies, Porcupine United Way in Timmins, Ontario has shuttered its physical office space and moved in, so to speak, to a virtual office. The non-profit says the move will save it thousands of dollars.

Angelo Lia, Porcupine United Way Board President, says the board and staff ma...

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