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Do Virtual Offices Blur Boundaries Between Work and Home?

TORONTO—The cry for work-life balance has reached a fevered pitch and many companies are looking at alternative workplace strategies, like telecommuting from a virtual office, are finding greater adoption.

Beyond work-life balance, rising gas prices have also helped virtual office use become an attractive option for busy professionals. But virtual office users b... Read more

FlexJobs Offers Free Virtual Office Jobs Search Webinar

TORONTO—Are you looking for a virtual office job and don’t know where to begin? Or do you need some tips for your flexible job search? If so, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has some good news for you.

Job seekers looking for flexibility, like telecommuting from a virtual office, freelance work and other remote opportunities, can log on to a free webinar from F...

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Virtual Offices Help PR Firm Attract, Retain Top Talent

TORONTO—I was just reading an article in the Financial Post about telecommuting from a virtual office. Denise Deveau penned the article entitled, “Telework: A productivity alternative that this close to home.”

Deveau ch... Read more

Toronto Virtual Offices on King Street Have Cultural Flair

TORONTO—If you want to boast about one of the best business addresses in Toronto, check out virtual office space on King Street West.

King Street is a major east-west commercial thoroughfare in Toronto. It was named after King George III, who was the reigning British monarch when the street was built. King Street is home to a number of cool restaurants, clubs and galleries in the area and is known as the high-end furnitu...

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Bay Street Virtual Offices Put You in Toronto’s Financial Center

TORONTO—Looking for virtual office space in Toronto? Bay Street is one of the best addresses you could hope for, especially if you are serving the financial services industry.

Bay Street is a major thoroughfare in Downtown Toronto—and it’s smack dab in the middle of Toronto’s Financial District. In fact, Bay Street is often used to...

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