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Virtual Offices Save Money, Give Employees More Freedom

ATLANTA—Sixty-seven percent of working adults agree that it is possible to “have it all” when it comes to work-life balance. Interestingly there is no significant difference in the study between women (68%) and men (66%). Could it be possible that these workers are using a virtual office?

A Moms Corp. survey has been digging into the issue of work-life balance. ... Read more

Flexible Working Pilot Saves Virtual Office Workers Time

ATLANTA—It was the biggest flexible working initiative ever—and the results are in. London-based wireless carrier O2 on Feb. 8 asked its entire workforce to work from virtual offices. That sent 12,000 employees off to work remotely for a day and essentially shut down its 200,000 square ...

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Telework Week Drives Workers to Virtual Office Space

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Teleworking is like that big snowball rolling down the hill. It’s gaining major momentum—and it’s leading people straight to virtual offices.

Telework Week launches on Monday. The event is organized by the Telework Exchange and this is the second year that workers will give up driving to work in order to demonstrate the measurable value of telew... Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility Includes Virtual Offices

Cisco just released its seventh annual corporate social responsibility report—and telecommuting is part of the discussion. And where there’s telecommuting you’ll often find virtual office space.

Indeed, Cisco is committed to protecting the health and well-being of its employees. The firm uses its collaborative technology to offer people the freedom to chose how, when and where t... Read more

What Can Virtual Office Users Learn From Obama Administration?

WASHINGTON, D.C.-When the government starts embracing workplace trends, it's time to take notice. And that's what the U.S. government did last year in passing the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010. Now, a new report from FedScoop is revealing the progress and limitations federal managers have experienced while implementating telework.

FedScoop surveyed more than 300 IT executives from the federal government and priva... Read more


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