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Customer Loyalty: The Trust Factor Matters

How important is customer trust for small businesses? More important than you might think, according to a new research from Pitney Bowes that explores the role of trust in customer relationships. Indeed, trust is one of the leading influences.

Specifically, the Pitney Bowes study revealed that customer communications drive more than 20 percent of the overall trust a company receives. That trust, in turn, impacts the length of the custome...

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How Small Businesses Can Land Major Corporate Clients

Major corporate clients. I’ve got them. From Microsoft to PR Newswire to Ryder to Pitney Bowes, I work with plenty of major corporate clients. And so can your small business.

“Unfortunately, many small business owners and independent consultants shun the idea of attracting corporate clients, whether it’s because they just left the corporate world or because they believe they can’t really reach people through the corporate world,” says Be...

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Small Business Crisis Communications, Part 4

In this final part of our series on small business crisis communications, we'll take a look at how best to handle a bad situation while you are in the midst of it...

PR pros agree that less is better when dealing with the media. As mentioned in the last installment, if you can’t verify it, then don’t say it. Wait until you have all the facts before responding.

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Small Business Crisis Communications, Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we looked at why crisis communications is important and how to prepare before the storm. In part 3, we'll take a closer look at how to respond to a crisis through your public relations efforts.

With a plan in place, you are prepared to quickly respond to the storm. PR pros say your immediate response should include the following: gathering facts, alerting and deploying the crisis response team, a...

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Small Business Crisis Communications, Part 2

Attempting to build a working relationship with the media before a crisis ever occurs is a key strategy, according to experts.

Being a good community partner – and making sure the media knows it by distributing news releases about your good deeds - can pay dividends in the midst of a storm.

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