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Should Your Small Business Opt for Self-Insured Group Coverage?

There are pros and cons to self-insured groups. But a new survey highlights misunderstandings about how these groups work that could come back to haunt small businesses.

The Self-Insurance Institute of America defines a self-insured group health plan as one in which the employer assumes the financial risk for providing health care benefits to its employees. In practical terms, the SIIA explains, self-insured employers pay for each out of... Read more

New Web TV Series Gives Small Businesses Something to Laugh About

Now this is cool.

Have you ever felt like there are few who truly understand what you go through as a small business start-up trying to wear more hats than you can balance on your head? If so, a new scripted series called Leap Year may offer you some much needed comic relief.

You are probably familiar with this scene: You're thinking about starting your own business. There's a lot on your mind and the stakes are high.<b...

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Would You Have Enough Insurance in a Disaster?

In the wake of the 9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan, small businesses may be thinking about what would happen if a disaster strikes closer to home.

Not every small business needs to worry about earthquakes and tsunamis. But there are hurricanes, tornadoes, floods—and plenty of man-made disasters—that could strike at any time.

What would happen to your small business in the midst of a disaster? Would you lose everythin...

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