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Small Business Branding Online

With millions blogs, podcast feeds and new folks singing on to the Web every day, at least part of marketing’s present and future is online.

Internet-based media could overtake newspapers and radio as the prime information sources for consumers, especially with technologies like streaming radio and Internet Protocol Television that broadcasts videos online, according to Brendan Kownacki, an Interactive Media Specialist with Live Wire Med...

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Small Business Branding With Customer Service

If your brand is a promise you make, then the customer experience is the fulfillment of that promise. So says Scott Glatstein, President of Imperatives, LLC, a marketing consultancy in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Customers encounter your brand in numerous ways, including products, price, advertising and marketing, sales and customer service personnel. Glatstein argues that each of these contacts, or touch points, molds the customer’s impressio...

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Small Business Branding Power, Part 1

A brand is a promise. It communicates the essence of who your company is, what it stands for, and what customers can expect from it.

Despite its simplicity, many people misunderstand what branding is – and what’s it’s not. Others don’t give branding the attention it deserves. If you ask 10 different people what branding means to them, you are likely to get 10 different answers.

University of Indiana marketing professors, for exa...

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