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Traffic Costs Commuters Billions. Try a Virtual Office Instead.

Traffic. It cost us $114.8 billion a year in time and fuel in 2009. That’s enough to drive you straight to your virtual office—for good.

Let’s take it from a different angle: The average urban driver spent the equivalent of four days sitting in a car. We wasted an average of 28 gallons of gas, too.

No, I’m not making this stuff up. It’s new revelation from the Texas Tra... Read more

BCBS Does Telecommuting in Illinois

In case you are wondering how corporate America is adopting virtual offices, look no further than Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Illinois.

Although the insurance company recently announced it was closing an office in Campaign, the 90 people who worked there won’t be collecting unemployment benefits. That’s because BCBS has adopted telecommuting. BCBS w...

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Sleep More, Weigh Less with a Virtual Office Space?

Did you know that how much you sleep may be as important as how much you eat when you are trying to lose weight? Indeed, a new study from the University of Chicago shows that a lack of sleep undermines your efforts to lose body fat. A virtual office space could help your cause.

Ten overweight but otherwise healthy adults on a moderate calorie-restricted ...

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