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Study: One in Five Employees Telecommutes

NEW YORK—One in five employees who can connect online to their workplace report that they telecommute on a “frequent basis.” So says a new report from Ipsos for Reuters News. The report bolsters the case for virtual office space.

What’s more, seven percent say they “work every day from home which is remote or separate from their employers real office elsewhere.”... Read more

Can a Virtual Office Space Help You Stay Trim?

NEW YORK-How much you sleep may be as important as how much you eat when you are trying to lose weight. It's true, according to a University of Chicago study. Research shows that a lack of sleep undermines your efforts to lose body fat. A virtual office space could help your cause.

Ten overweight but otherwise healthy adults on a moder...

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A New Year, New York Virtual Office Promotion

NEW YORK--Are you ready for more good news for 2012? Listen up, virtual office consumers, we're offing big discounts for virtual office solutions in the Big City. You can be a part of it when you rent virtual office space in New York from Davinci Virtual.

Indeed, Davinci Virtual is running a special on its New York Park Avenue virtual office ...

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Top Virtual Office Stories of 2011

NEW YORK-2011 was a year chock full of virtual office stories. Davinci Virtual covered virtual offices from just about every angle, from productivity to reducing stress to saving money and beyond. Here are some of our favorite virtual office stories from 2011:

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Davinci Virtual, Rockefeller Group Make Exclusive Virtual Office Offer

MANHATTAN—We got the hook up! When you want to associate your business with the Rockefellers in Manhattan, call us and we’ll set you up with our latest exclusive virtual office innovation.

We just announced a new virtual office club in New York City at Rockefeller Group Business Center's 1221 Avenue of the Americas location in Manhattan.

If you are a mo... Read more


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