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If Your Small Businesses Uses Wi-Fi ... Beware!

Does your small business offer Internet access to customers? If so, you should get proactive about security.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses has issued an urgent warning to small business owners: take steps to prevent customers from logging on and illegally downloading copyrighted materials.

Why the urgent alert? Because copyright holders—including record labels and movie studios—struck a deal with Internet Ser...

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How Your Small Business Should Deal With Late Payments

If your small business has been open any length of time, you’ve already had to face the unfortunate reality of late payments—or no payment at all.

About 40 percent of firms the National Federation of Independent Businesses Surveyed say receivables—money the are owed—is coming in late. That can cause plenty of pain for a small business owners that depends on regular cash flow to keep the ship afloat.

So how you can you deal with ...

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