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Virtual Office Work Helps You Avoid Annoying Elevator Riders

CHICAGO—When you work from a virtual office, you can avoid all sorts of annoying coworker behavior. The latest survey from CareerBuilder shows just how annoying some of that behavior can get—in the elevator.

Ever see someone at work floss his teeth in an elevator? "Pants" a co-worker? Get in a fist fight? Talk about blowing elevator etiquette—facing forward and ... Read more

Three Signs Your Virtual Offices are Strategic

CHICAGO—I recently read an article in Fast Company magazine called “3 Signs Flexible Work is Strategic—and Not Just Window Dressing.” Cali Williams Yost, CEO and founder of the Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc., did a great job offering those three signs.

As I read the art...

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Virtual Offices Offer Stay-cation Freedom

CHICAGO—On Friday, we looked at how many Americans are giving up their vacations for financial reasons—and how allowing employees to telecommute from a virtual office a few days over the summer might help reduce burnout.

The article was based on a CareerBuilder survey, which found that 19 percent of workers said they can't afford to go on vacation, which is down...

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Virtual Offices, Vacations and Burnout

CHICAGO—Many Americans are giving up their vacations in the wake of a recession that left them without much savings on which to splurge. But it seems bosses are finding more time for getaways than employees. So says a new survey from CareerBuilder.

Specifically, the survey reveals that 81 percent of managers have taken or plan to take vacation this year. That compares to 65 percent of full-time employees. Where do <a hre...

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Virtual Offices and the War for Talent

CHICAGO-One in three employers worldwide cannot find qualified talent. So says a new study from ManpowerGroup. Could virtual office space help attract and retain talent?

This year’s data reveals the crisis' deeper impact as 56% of employers now indicate that unfilled positions are expected to have little or no impact on constituents, such as customers and investors, a considerable in... Read more


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