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Flexible Work, Virtual Offices, Workshifting and Employee Retention

BOSTON—The Families and Work Institute just released its 2012 report on employers who offer workers perks like flexible work, healthcare benefits, retirement and leave. The overarching results: flexible benefits around place and time are on the rise.

"Flexibility that enhances an employee's ability to decide when and where they accomplish their work tasks is on the rise with increases in the proportion of employers allow... Read more

How Do Virtual Offices Fit Into Flexible Working Trends?

BOSTON—Want to know what the experts are saying about flexible working? The Society of Human Resource Management just wrapped up a conference about its latest employer survey—and there was plenty of talk about flexible working.

Ellen Galinsky, president and co-founder of the Families and Work Institute, said emphatically that flexibility is not on a fast track, but it's on a steady track to becoming the new normal. That ... Read more

Do Women Use Virtual Office Space More Than Men?

BOSTON—Women work longer days and report working more often on vacation than their male counterparts. Yet, women also report greater perceived satisfaction with their compensation. So says the FIT’s first Report on Workplace Culture.

Let’s drill into the numbers and look at how virtual office space might ultimately help the cause. Although the majority of respon... Read more

Virtual Offices Support Ambitious Working Moms

BOSTON—Most working moms are empowered as role models for their children. Most working moms have professional ambitions. And most working moms feel like they are receiving support from their spouses and families. So says a new survey from Care.com.

Still, working moms aren’t completely satisfied. Specifically, working mothers aren’t content with feeling what they call “mommy tracked” in the office. Fifty-eight percent of...

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How to Keep Telecommuters Working Efficiently From a Virtual Office

BOSTON-Yesterday, we looked at a study from CareerBuilder that examined whether or not working from home an efficient alternative to the traditional office job or a productivity killer. The conclusion: It’s a mixed bag. It depends on the motivation of the virtual office worker.

With that, Rosemary ...

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