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Baby Boomers Drive Entrepreneur Boom

Some analysts estimate as many as 10,000 new workers are hitting the retirement age of 65 every day—and that exodus will continue for the next 20 years. But guess what? Not all of them are retiring. Indeed, while many are leaving their traditional jobs, some are not heading to Golden Pond.

As members of the Baby Boom population prepare to retire, a growing number are not willing to just rest on their nest egg. A recent trend noted by Read more

Virtual Offices May Impact Recruiting Efforts

Workers of all ages have a new appreciation for company stability when making career decisions, suggests a new study from Robert Half.

Yet, for many, getting to firmer ground may entail a career change: Four out of 10 professionals polled said they are more inclined to look for new opportunities outside their firms as a result of the recession.

“Many employees, particularly Gen Y professionals, are biding their time in their cur...

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