Small Company, Big Roar: How a Small Business Can Create a Big Impression

Nimble and quick, small businesses are never short on confidence. In order to survive today’s economic landscape, small businesses need innovation to stay ahead of the larger competition.

However, it’s certainly not always easy to stay ahead of the game with a limited budget. This is why an extra level of strategy is absolutely necessary for a small business to provide the big roar on the market place.

Davinci Live Receptionist

A Davinci Live Receptionist is an excellent option for a small business to utilize. The receptionist is a live person who works off-site. He or she answers phones, takes messages, and provides information for inquiring customers. A receptionist is a strategic way for a small business to appear as a larger company. A receptionist is the first impression for callers so setting the proper image of professionalism is one of the best tactics a small business can take.

Cloud Storage on the Go   

It’s looking awfully cloudy out there, and businesses everywhere are loving it. Cloud technology is suited perfectly for a small business, as it allows a business to load information into a storage cloud and then access the information from their work computer, home laptop, or smartphone on the go. This means business can take place anywhere—from a coffee shop to a garage to a temporary office. For small businesses looking to stay ahead of the game, a cloud-based tech model is the way to go.  Davinci Receptionist is now offering a Cloud Based version of Microsoft Office and Email Exchange.

Creative Business Cards

Despite all the modern advances in Internet-based communication, sometimes you just happen to run into the right business connection while shopping at the grocery store, or rooting on your favorite team at a football game, or traveling in an airplane. Business cards are still an invaluable piece of marketing. However, small businesses shouldn’t limit themselves to the old standard cardstock. For instance, an optometrist can offer a refrigerator magnet with an eye test printed above the name, a personal trainer can offer a rubber wrist band with his or her name on it.  These are all small ways a small business can stand out when networking.

Small businesses need a big sense of self to make it out there. With a few helpful tactics, any small business can become a leader in their industry.


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