Small Business Tips: Be as big as your competitors at half the cost

When you’re a small business owner it’s tough to compete along side big businesses. You know that you can’t afford all the amenities and technologies of a big firm, but you still want to impress prospects and clients, ensuring them that you’re capable and competent when it comes to their needs. So how do you start? It’s easier to have the image of a big firm even when you’re a small company. Follow the three tips below and you will be able to compete successfully even against the biggest corporations.

    1. Hire a virtual receptionist

There’s nothing worse than not being there when your customers need you. But if you’re a business of one, it’s likely that you can’t do it all yourself—certain things are bound to fall through the cracks. At the same time however, you can argue that hiring a full time employee might not be cost-effective. And you would be right—with salary and benefits it might not be worth it to bring on a full time employee. There’s no need to compromise, however, with a virtual receptionist you can have the best of both worlds. Virtual receptionists can answer phones, respond to emails and participate on web chats. Your clients and prospects will always have a person to answer their questions. And the best part is, virtual receptionists can be trained to answer questions specific to your industry and business. This ensures that your company maintains a high level of professionalism, while giving you the time to focus on growing your business.

    1. Establish a virtual office address

As a small business owner you know how important the first impression is. But if you work out of your house, you might find it hard to keep that professional appearance. An easy way to give off that professional image without having to lease office space is with a virtual office address. You can have an office address in any location around the world and in popular city areas, without the out of pocket cost of leasing an office in a downtown location. You exude a professional image by receiving and sending mail from that address. Now, you can comfortably work out of your home and still maintain the same image as the biggest competitors in your industry.

    1. Utilize Meeting Room Rentals

When you’re growing your business, chances are you’re booking a lot of meetings. But, the overhead costs of leasing an office space might not be cost-effective. At the same time, you don’t want to hold meetings out of your home office because it doesn’t seem professional and the atmosphere is likely to turn your prospects off. With a meeting room rental you get the professional atmosphere that your clients and prospects expect, without the high overhead cost or lease agreement expenses. Davinci Virtual has over 950 locations worldwide so you’ll always find the ideal meeting room or office space. The rooms are equipped with all the technological presentation tools you’ll need such as smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens, video conferencing and many more as well as amenities such as catering to ensure that your clients and prospects are happy.

Growing your business is a full time job, especially if you’re running it out of your home. From keeping existing clients happy to acquiring new prospects there’s a lot to consider, and chances are you’re always busy doing something. Image is everything when it comes to competing successfully with big firms and corporations. However, if you’re a business of one, you might not have the budget. With these three tips you can ensure that your business always maintains a professional image. Succeed over your competitors by contacting us at Davinci Virtual today.


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