Small Business Needs: Do You Have a Live Virtual Receptionist?

There are many things that can help your business thrive, like having a distinct brand message, creating a powerful online presence, and perhaps the most important—great customer service. Handling that on your own can be an overwhelming undertaking. However, many small businesses are discovering how hiring a live virtual receptionist can assist them with the essential services they provide.

Features and benefits of virtual receptionist services

Not only can a live receptionist perform administrative tasks to save you time, they may also help you reduce overhead. But there are many more virtual receptionist services available that can benefit any kind of business, big or small.

    1. Familiarity with your industry

One of the most distinctive services live virtual receptionists provide is their general expertise in your industry. At Davinci Receptionist Services, you can hire someone specially trained for your business and its practices. From tech consultants to healthcare and real estate, there are many features available specific to your needs, whether it is web chat, tech support, order processing, or multi-channel customer service.

    1. High quality customer service

The most successful businesses in the world are known for their exceptional customer service. A live receptionist can give you the same edge with their professional, friendly demeanor and proven ability to skillfully communicate with customers. Eliminating the need for automated messages, your customers speak to a real live receptionist, ensuring that your business is providing the personal care necessary to establish a loyal customer base.

    1. The latest innovative technology

A virtual receptionist can provide features you may not otherwise have, like live web chat, quick response to email inquiry, and superior phone support. Your business can communicate through multiple channels, all with the same professionalism and prompt response your customers expect. With the latest technology and a trained professional to operate its services, you will have the tools to compete with the most cutting-edge companies.

    1. Helping your business grow

It’s the small things that count, but they can also take time away from the larger tasks that require your attention throughout the day. While a live virtual receptionist manages your schedule, voicemail, and performs numerous web and phone services, you increase productivity as those small things are addressed with care. This kind of detail showcases your organization’s dedication to unparalleled customer service and provides a clear voice to pair with your brand. The result is a better connection with customers and more time available to you for strategy and business management.

    1. Reducing overhead

As a small business owner, perhaps the biggest concern is how to acquire all these features without creating huge overhead, and it’s this important detail that is convincing so many businesses to make the switch. Hiring a live virtual receptionist costs far less than a full-time staff member, and with all the workspace and technology included, it’s no surprise that it’s such a popular business solution. No computers to buy. No workspace to set up for a new employee. For a set monthly fee, you can have all the features you need to help your business succeed.

These are only a few of the benefits of using live receptionist services for your small business. Keep ahead of the competition by improving your organization’s image. Be sure to select a live receptionist service that can deliver the best features for your business needs.

The best way to discover what else your business can gain from hiring a live virtual receptionist is to see for yourself. Get started with a live receptionist from Davinci today.


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