Simple Tips to Upgrade Your Social Media Strategy

Are you looking for ways to get a little more social with your clients? Social media is clever tool to connect with your customers and clients, without the blatant marketing tones. You’ll want to engage clients, media contacts, and the general public. Now, it’s important to be smart about the way you present your brand’s image to the public using social media. Here are four ways to get friendly on the internet without looking like a fool.

Be Consistent

Don't let your social media assets sit around collecting dust. A good social media strategy is a consistent social media strategy. You can schedule daily posts on several different social media platforms. You can plan posts ahead of time so you're not left scrambling for interesting conversation topics. It’s important to keep an eye on topics trending on social media platforms so you can contribute to popular conversations in relevant ways. It’s a good idea to avoid posting too frequently. Online bombardments will cause followers to perceive you as a nuisance.

Get Personal

Tasteful humor and lighthearted conversation can help to break up the monotony of business-related posts. A general rule to follow is to make one personal post for every three business posts. You can update followers on happenings around the office or simply post funny graphics or news articles from other places on the internet.

Utilize Pictures and Graphics

Blocks of text are easy to ignore. Add some vibrancy and color to your social media posts by including high doses of graphics and photographs. Visual images will draw eyes to your posts and reinforce your brand’s image. You can devote a few posts to fun facts or practical advice in order to let your clients know you’re always looking for ways to improve their lives.

Engage with Influential People

Social media platforms are a great way for your brand to engage with fans of products with similar themes to the product or service your company offers. Don’t be afraid to offer comments on posts done by popular public personalities, major brands, and media establishments. Your name will be seen every time you contribute to a post or offer a response.

These four tips will help you ride the wave of social media without sinking under the pressure of trying to get attention. Think of social media as a gift instead of a burden. Your clients will be engaged as long as you present your brand in a way that is natural, friendly, and informative.

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