Schedulicity Offers 7 Facebook Fan Page Tips

Looking for some social media tips for your small business? Schedulicity is coming to the rescue with some strategic advice, particularly for your Facebook fan page.

So whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established small business owner still trying to make social media work for you, read on for some practical advice that will help you drive the results you need on Facebook.

1. Start Using Social Media Now

Schedulicity recommends that you don’t wait to begin using social media tools such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter. Instead, create your personal brand from the moment you consider starting a business. Having a solid online presence will allow professionals to:

    • Gain access to an audience that will read and comment on your social media content


    • Begin collecting and storing hundreds of e-mail addresses for e-mail marketing purposes


    • Listen to what’s happening professionally in communities


    • Monitor other competitor pages along with industry pages to stay abreast of current trends

2. Choose your Facebook fan page name wisely.

After your page collects more than 30 fans, you can’t change the name. You can choose something a little more generic with a keyword in it, like stylist or hair pro, along with your name, so it will remain relevant no matter what you might change your actual business name to.

3. Keep your personal page and business page very separate.

A professional Facebook business page will tell a prospective client that you’re a pro and can act like one. The types of posts that you put on your Facebook fan page are much different than what you would post to your friends.

4. Spotlight others on your Facebook business page.

Give credit to employees and clients. These people will in turn ‘like’ your page and share glowing review, a powerful resource when attracting new clients.

5. Let people know you’re socially connected.

Many businesses, big and small, know that they need a social media presence but they’re unsure how to get started. By already having that experience, you will have an advantage not only for your professional skills, but your social media skills, as well. Being an integral part of any business’ social media presence will ensure a lasting place within that business and a successful career.

6. Engage your audience.

In other words, make it sticky. Create an 'interest list’ with all the different topics that may interest your target audience. Topics a business may want to consider are:

Talk about tradeshow events you'll be attending (before, during and after).
Share lots of real-time photos on your Facebook business page.
Review something, such as products you carry, shows you watch, your new boots, anything that might interest your target audience.
Share videos, whether funny, informative, educational. Hint: About.com is a great resource for videos.
Act on impulses and share that info on your Facebook fan page.
Search for interesting topics on Twitter and share that with your fans.
Share business tips of the day or the week. Hint: Look for these by using the term 'business tips' on search.twitter.com.
Think two months down the road and prepare specials based on upcoming holidays.
Showcase your community. For example, let a local artist hang art in your business and take lots of photos or offer price-reduced services to all police, fire and emergency service professionals in your town.

7. Use social media as a platform to market yourself!

Use a professional Facebook page as an easy, attractive medium of communication to potential and current clients. But most importantly, make it super easy for them to schedule an appointment with you. After all, the main goal is to grow your business.

Check out this YouTube video for additional Facebook fan page tips:



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