Merry Christmas From My Virtual Office Space

MIAMI—If you celebrate Christmas, then I have two words for you: Merry Christmas! If you are looking for a belated Christmas gift for your mobile working friends, why not offer a subscription to a virtual office?

Many people are offering subscriptions to Netflix or Hulu or some other entertainment service this holiday season. But what better gift is there for a productivity-minded entrepreneur or on-the-go mobile worker than virtual offices and virtual office technologies?

You can activate a virtual office subscription right now, with just a few clicks, and your entrepreneurial friend won’t even know you forgot to pick up a gift! We offer virtual offices in New York, virtual offices in Los Angeles, virtual offices in Toronto, and virtual offices just about anywhere else in the world.

We also offer virtual office technologies like web conferencing, along with virtual assistants to help your mobile working friends make the most of the day. You can also gift a subscription to our live receptionist services for your business-minded friend, complete with call forwarding, call screening, appointing scheduling, order processing, customer service and much more.

Our virtual offices and virtual office technologies are affordable. You can get a virtual office subscription for less than $50 a month in some cities. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t completed your Christmas shopping, well, all the stores are closed. But our virtual office storefront is still open for business. So click around and give a gift that keeps on giving to your mobile working friends all year long.


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