Live Web Chat: Personalized Digital Service

Millennials are changing how companies engage with their customers. Fifty-six percent indicate they prefer to use live web chat instead of using the phone to get answers to their questions. This preference is noteworthy when compared alongside the response of individuals who are 35 and older; only 27 percent prefer live web chat over phone. The difference is dramatic.

The need to deliver an omnichannel customer service experience is pivotal for not only midsize businesses and enterprises, but it also just as important for small businesses. Millennials expect their vendors to provide an omnichannel experience for customer service, and they will let their feet (or in the case of live web chat fingers) doing the “talking” for them—namely, they will take their business elsewhere.

Delivering an Exceptional Digital Experience

Delivering a great digital experience engenders tangible business value. When customers are satisfied with their digital experience, 57 percent of them communicate their experience to others. In addition, 41 percent of them recommend that someone make a purchase. Great customer service also translates into operational efficiency: satisfied customers request customer support 62 percent less often than other customers. 

Failing to deliver customer service isn’t an option. Eighty-nine percent of customers will stop doing business with a brand because of bad service. When businesses restrict themselves to one engagement channel such as phone, they put themselves at substantial risk—particularly if phone isn’t manned and managed to meet customer requirements (see Davinci Virtual Receptionist Services to find out how we can help on this front).

Hosted Live Web Chat

Small business owners likely agree with this assessment, and many of them would like to offer their customers live web chat. However, they simply cannot due to time constraints and the lack of resources. This is why Davinci launched Live Web Chat Services last year. Using the same technology we employ on our website, we provide small businesses a hosted live web chat option.

Each of our web chat clients gets a virtual live web chat team. Their team engages web visitors in a customized live web chat session based on the potential client’s online behavior; includingwhere they came from before landing on the website and what they have looked at while browsing the site. This dedicated team of Davinci professionals offers visitors in-depth customer service, answers frequently asked questions, and helps visitors find the information they need. The dedicated Davinci team also engages with prospects, answering their questions and guiding them through the purchase lifecycle.

For Davinci customers with Live Receptionist Services, the Davinci Live Web Chat team can seamlessly transfer visitors from web chat sessions to the phone as needed.

With Davinci Live Web Chat Services, small businesses have the ability to engage digitally with their customers, transforming static, informational websites into an interactive extension of their business. Davinci customers have access to the entire chat history, detailed reports, and much more. In addition, when prompt escalation is needed, the Davinci team can send relevant chat information to the small business owner’s smartphone—either via text or email.

The “Rise” of the Millennials

Offering customers a digital engagement option for customer service is no longer an option—or “nice to have.” With the “Rise of the Millennials”—and for that matter growing digital adoption across all generational and demographic groups—live web chat is a requisite.

Contact us today to find out more about Davinci Live Web Chat Services or any of our other services.

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