Is Virtual Office Work Better Than Business Travel?

ATLANTA-I just read a blog post in the Houston press that suggested six ways telecommuting is better than business travel. Jeff Balke wrote the article in the tech blogs section.

“I do know quite a few people who telecommute, at least part of the time. And, recently, businesses have begun to pass on business travel in favor of e-mail and teleconferencing,” Balke writes. “It cuts down on costs—if your travel is of the international variety, the costs savings can be dramatic—and anyone who doesn't require a face-to-face meeting with a colleague or client doesn't have to waste time traveling.”

Balke then lists six ways that virtual office work is better than travel. I’ll list his reason and then comment from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions’ perspective:

6. No luggage
I just traveled from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta last weekend because I had to do an in-person visit. Even though I only had carry on baggage, it was still a pain. A virtual office meeting would have been less painful on the shoulders.

5. Planes, trains and automobiles can kill you.
Case in point, I hit my head so hard on the way into the rental car on that same trip, after losing my car keys in the midst of total travel exhaustion. I don’t have those issues in a virtual office.

4. No traffic.
Have you ever driven on Interstate 85 in Atlanta? Can you say rush hour traffic? I don’t have to deal with that from my virtual office.

3. Technology is cool.
Yes, virtual office technologies are cool. Virtual receptionists are cool. Virtual assistants are cool. Mobile technology is cool. And people who use these technologies are cool.

2. Limited real people interaction.
Kids screaming on the plane was bad enough, but the grown ups with overbearing voices and snoring topped it off. You can’t get away from the people you sit next to on the plane. A virtual office is nice and secluded.

1. You can work in your underwear.
I was saying this in yesterday’s post. Of course, I suggested pajamas. But the truth is if you work from a virtual office you could choose to work in your undies and no one would ever know.


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