How to Save Money with a Davinci Live Receptionist

When it comes to business, it's not all about the Benjamins. It's about the Washingtons, the Lincolns, and the Jacksons, too. Companies are always looking for new ways to save money, and a remote live receptionist is not only a money-saver, but a helpful business strategy as well.

A Davinci Live Receptionist is an off-site secretary who forwards phone calls, answers customer questions, takes messages, and responds to emails.

No Salary Costs

A live receptionist is a service provided by Davinci for a low monthly fee. Companies can decide on a suitable service package, which relates to the number of employees in their business. In some cases, the monthly price for a Davinci Live Receptionist is comparable to the cost for one to two days of work from an in-house receptionist.

Businesses don't pay for the live secretary's wages, which means they also don't have to pay for additional healthcare costs, dental costs, retirement pensions, and other expenses often associated with a traditional employee.

No Utility Costs

An in-house receptionist requires a desk, chair, computer, and telephone, and contributes to the monthly utility bill of lights, air conditioning, heating, and water. All of these expenses are eliminated when businesses chose a Davinci Live Receptionist. This can mean hundreds of dollars saved each month in utilities alone.

No Costly Impersonal Greetings

Most people prefer to talk to a live person than to go through the steps with a machine to receive quick company information or to reach the right person at a company. A live person is more personable and more open to customer questions. This personal approach means happier callers, which can turn into easier sales. It's costly to lose a potential customer to an impersonal message, which is why a live voice is a much better option for savings and profit growth.

Money is as money does, and the more money a company has, the more possibilities they have to grow. A live receptionist saves companies money while helping them stay ahead of the competition.


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