Four Ways Virtual Assistants Help Control Costs

NEW YORK--With the launch of the iPhone 5, there’s plenty of talk about virtual assistants these days. Although technology like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Iris is cool, we think the real talk in the small business community should about virtual assistants of a different kind—real-life virtual assistants!

That’s why I’m kicking off a series on virtual assistant services. In each column in the virtual assistant series, I’ll tackle one or two benefits of virtual assistants. The bottom line with virtual assistants is they let you focus on what you do best so you can drive more to your bottom line.

What is a virtual assistant? At Davinci, we call them “virtual assistants” or “live virtual receptionist”, but the services these experienced, skilled professionals provide are very real.  From administrative support and managerial tasks to creative services and personal scheduling; virtual office assistance is versatile, professional, and reliable.

One of my favorite benefits of virtual assistants is the ability to delegate tasks while controlling costs. Let’s face it. If you hire a full-time administrative assistant, you have to pay a full-time salary. On top of that, you have to find a space in your office for this new employee. On top of that you have to offer some form of benefits package. And on top of that you are out of luck if your assistant is sick.

Not so with an online virtual assistant. When you work with Davinci Virtual virtual assistant services, you can control your administrative costs. For starters, you can hire an online virtual assistant according to how many hours of actual work you need to get done. So if you only need an online virtual assistant for 20 hours a week, you avoid a full-time salary.

Then there’s the space issue. When you work with one of our virtual assistants, you don’t have to give them a cubicle or office equipment. That means you save on office and related expenses, like phones and computers. Our online virtual assistants have their own space and own gear to get the job done.

Now, when you work with one of our virtual assistants you don’t offer benefits packages. We handle all of that for you at no cost—and no risk to you. And let’s not forget sick days. At Davinci, we have a cadre of virtual assistants. That means if your regular online virtual assistant does happen to have a day off, we have a back up virtual assistant in place to keep your business running smoothly.


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