Do You Get Dressed Up to Work in a Virtual Office?

TORONTO—I work from a virtual office—and I wear comfortable clothing when I do. No, I don’t work in my pajamas but I do not get all gussied up in the same way I would if I worked in a traditional office space, either.

How about you? Well, if you are like me and most other virtual office workers you don’t break out a skirt and blouse (or suit and tie) to go to work. Bu some do. Indeed, a TeamViewer survey reveals that 1 percent of Americans admit that they wear a suit and tie or professional attire when telecommuting.

I suppose if you have to do Skype or WebEx conference calls it makes sense to get dressed up to go to work in your virtual office because, well, the world will see you in all your glory. But if you don’t have an important web conference, why would you get all dressed up to work in a virtual office?

I suppose, at some level, it’s about feeling the part. But most Americans who work from virtual offices don’t go to all the trouble. According to the survey, Americans dress like this while working from their virtual office:

66.8% wear a T-shirt and jeans
26/68% wear pajamas
33.4% wear sweatpants
11.26% wear business casual attire

So what about you? What do you wear when you work from a virtual office? As for me, I am wearing cargo pants and a gap T-shirt.


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