Davinci Virtual Office Customers Say Thanks

As we close out this year, let's take one last look at some of the feedback we’ve received from our satisfied virtual office clients. After all, a testimony speaks 1,000 words.

“As an attorney with a focus in international business, the majority of my clients are out of state and out of the country. Davinci's virtual office allows me to service these clients from anywhere in the world, while maintaining a presence in Utah," says Michael L. Labertew, Labertew & Associates. "Their staff's professionalism, as well as their A-plus prime office facilities and locations allow me the flexibility I need without sacrificing quality.”

Steve Pang of Steve Pang Acupuncture calls Davinci Virtual Office Solutions one of the best investments that a small business owner can make. He uses Davinci's virtual receptionist services.

"While I'm providing care to my patients, Davinci makes it possible for callers to receive the service they expect immediately," Pang says. "I would recommend Davinci to anyone facing the demands of a growing business in any industry where service is a priority."

For Bruce Fryer, president of Digisense, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get things done—but his overriding priority is having good customer contact. He says Davinci Virtual Office Solutions helps tremendously.

"The two tools we use most are conference calling and voicemail to e-mail. With the conference system we can set up a call in an instant and invite as many people as we need right then," Fryer says. "Because business does not follow a set schedule.  The voicemail  to e-mail feature ensures 24x7 coverage of any inbound calls. Like most start up companies, we never sleep. And responding to a customer inquiry at 11 at night is now possible from the comfort of a hotel room."


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