Davinci Virtual CEO Interviewed About Virtual Office Industry Growth

Are you ready to get your business growing? Davinci Virtual President and CEO Bill Grodnik can help.

Grodnik was recently interviewed on Get America Growing. Get America Growing has a mandate that reads, “Creating 100,000 Jobs. Helping 100,000 Businesses.” The magazine has interviewed many of the CEOs of the Inc. 5000 list and has found that while each one is different, there seems to be a common DNA in the make-up of both the entrepreneurs behind them and the company itself.

In the series, “Success Secrets of the Inc. 5000 CEOs,” Steve Straub, president of Get America Growing, interviewed Grodnik. He starts out by noting that Davinci Virtual has grown its revenue from $274,000 to $5.5 million between 2006 and 2009—and incredible 1,900 percent in the middle of the worst recession since the 1930s.

“Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is the largest virtual office solutions provider in the U.S. and maybe even in the world,” Grodnik says. “We provide two basic products and services. The first one being Live Answering. We answer phones for over 8,000 companies live in a centralized location in Salt Lake City. We offer a very high-end receptionist service.”

Grodnik says 90 percent of Davinci Virtual’s customers are small businesses. Davinci Virtual, of course, also offers virtual offices. Small businesses get a prime business address, mail package and receipt services, and access to a conference room on demand. So how did Davinci Virtual Office Solutions post such astounding growth in the midst of a recession?

“People are figuring out that, next to human resources, their office expense is the single biggest expense they have for running their business—and not everybody needs physical walls anymore,” Grodnik says. “With iPads and smartphones and PCs, do you really need to have that physical space?”


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