Davinci 101: Premium Live Receptionist

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and small business owners face is ensuring that they have proper communication with current and prospective clients. Many business owners run themselves ragged trying to juggle daily tasks, meetings, personal to-dos, client communication, and business admin tasks. And even with a deep investment of time and energy, many tasks simply get left unfinished or follow-up with clients suffers. One of the best ways to keep up with daily business tasks and communication with clients is to invest in a live receptionist service. Davinci’s Premium Live Receptionist plans are the perfect solution for any entrepreneur or small business that needs help with business administration and client communication.

Through a decade of working closely with motivated business owners, we’ve tapped into the most common pain points that face today’s working professionals. As a response, we’ve created a live receptionist service that directly solves the entrepreneur’s most common issues, and they’re more affordable than hiring a part-time employee. Some of the services included in Davinci’s Premium Live Receptionist service include:

Call Management – Call forwarding, call screening, outbound calling, complex call flows, call routing, voicemail management, and after hours auto attendant.

Business Administration – Appointment scheduling, administrative tasks, travel planning, and delivery scheduling.

Customer Service – Order processing, customer care, bilingual call answering, technical support, FAQ support, and more.

Tools and Services – Local & toll-free numbers, unlimited long-distance calling, audio conferencing, and online fax support

The Davinci Premium Live Receptionist packages are aimed at motivated entrepreneur’s that are looking to save money on staffing, be more reactive to the changes in their industry, and find more time to focus on what matters most in their personal and professional lives.

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