Davinci 101: Get More Work Done in Less Time With a Virtual Receptionist

It's been a few years since Alan went independent and started his own law practice. After a few lean months of trying to find new clients and taking on any case he could, Alan finally began to hit his stride and find success. Along with that success, however, Alan found that his free time evaporated as he was constantly on the phone or sending out follow up emails to current, potential, and past clients. Much of this communication was simple and tended to interrupt more important tasks. Just as he was wondering if the time commitment to his business was proving to be too much, Alan was referred to Davinci's live receptionist services. After learning what a live receptionist team could do for his practice, Alan gave it a try.

At Davinci, our live receptionists receive personalized training on every client. For people like Alan, they even receive paralegal training, which allowed Alan to turn the bulk of his everyday correspondence over to his live receptionist team. Immediately the Davinci live receptionists began to answer Alan's calls, schedule appointments, handle follow up communications, and even field live web chat inquiries on his website. Overnight Alan went from a time constrained man with a phone glued to his ear to someone far more free to handle the more important issues facing his practice.

Alan's practice has grown, and now he's a major player in his local area. With a sustained surge in new clients, Davinci's live receptionists have allowed Alan to continue to provide top notch results for his clients without getting tied down by simple tasks.

In a typical day, a Davinci Receptionist will:

    • answer, screen, and route phone calls


    • take messages from inbound calls


    • process orders


    • create and manage leads via web chat and phone calls


    • engage in customer support


    • manage client calendars and appointments


    • and much more

To learn how to get your own team of virtual receptionists, please contact us at 888-863-3423.


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