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CATEGORY: Customer Success Stories: Communications

Davinci Live Answering Service: A Lifestyle Decision

When a Las Vegas personal injury attorney got his start in 2012, he could barely afford business cards. He definitely couldn’t afford to rent traditional office space that would give him an address for those cards.

Five years later, he’s bringing in half a million dollars in revenue and has an office of his own. He’s also the proud father of four beautiful children, and finds time to regularly attend their baseball games.

His secret? He’s been with Davinci since day one. It started with renting conference rooms to meet with those first clients. Once he got his own space, he continued using the live answering service.

Rapid Growth, Without the Expense

From the beginning, Davinci was part of an intentional organic growth strategy for the new firm. This attorney realized that if he hired a receptionist, he would have to do a lot of marketing to pay for it. But he hated the idea of obnoxious billboards or annoying radio jingles. He also didn’t want to answer his own phones, which might have made him seem unprofessional.

“I’m sure that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Davinci or a comparable service,” he said. “If I had been forced to do that myself, it’s just a totally different feel. There are bigger cases that  would not have been able to reel in. I wouldn’t have been able to grow without the image Davinci has helped create.”

In addition to preserving his image, working with Davinci has allowed this attorney to prioritize his time while he’s in the office. When he’s with a client, he can focus on their legal problem rather than the ringing of a telephone. When he’s digging deep into case law, he can maintain his concentration even if the next big client is calling in.

“Davinci offers a lot of business solutions, but especially for a small business, it allowed me to use my time in the most efficient way possible,” he said. “It allowed me to make money without investing a tremendous amount of time either hiring somebody or being tied to my desk in the office.”

Flexible Solutions, Digital Storage

As his reputation grew, this attorney stuck with Davinci. He loved that everything was saved digitally, meaning he didn’t have to pay to store paper files. He also loved that at every step of growth, Davinci was by his side.

“If I have concerns about my growth, I can call Davinci and they have solutions that are tailored to me and my business’s growth,” he explained. “I haven’t gotten impression they’re putting square peg in round hole. They really are interested in finding solutions for every business.”

The Davinci Lifestyle

Beyond helping his practice thrive, Davinci has helped this attorney keep track of what really matters: his family.

Because he gets notified of calls immediately, he’s comfortable taking a night off to take his son to practice. He knows that if an important call comes through, he can duck out to take it. But for nine out of ten calls, he trusts Davinci live receptionists to handle it.

“Davinci offers me a tremendous amount of flexibility, he said. “I don’t have a phone even in my office that I use. Everything is through my cell phone and so I take calls when I’m in the car, at home, anywhere. I don’t feel like I have to be in the office to be able to work. With the live answering service, Davinci really is kind of a lifestyle decision.”



Customer Success Story: Divine Deliverance Therapy Services

The first time someone calls Divine Deliverance Speech Therapy, the person on the other end of the line has a lot of information to get across.

They have to explain the concept of tele-health -- a new model of providing therapy to people in any location, at their convenience. Then, they have to explain how effective speech therapy can be in a video-conferencing setting.

To make things even more complicated, the receptionist also has to explain how licensing and billing work in various states. Then, they have to learn about the potential client’s situation. Is it some kind of care facility, perhaps, or even a juvenile detention center? Is it a preschool?

Labrina Jackson, M.S., CCC/SLP, is the brains behind Divine Deliverance. After 22 years serving dutifully in the U.S. Army, she plans to retire as a master sergeant at the end of this year.

As she moves into civilian life, Labrina is on a mission is to improve client quality of life through online speech, language, cognition and swallowing therapy.

Labrina is accustomed to hard work. She believes deeply in her cause and comes armed with 11 years’ experience serving everyone from infants to adults. But she knows she can’t do it alone.

“We can’t cure them, but we’re going to provide therapy to help them start communicating better, start swallowing better, improve their quality of life based on whatever disorder they are experiencing,” she said. “I’m leaving this in God’s hands with my therapy.

Labrina is also putting her faith in the team of receptionists at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions™, which stands at the ready to walk potential clients and their families through that vital first call.

“I’m the owner of the company,” Labrina explained. “I don’t have an assistant or any of that. It’s just me. I need the administrative part of that plan, emails and phone calls, especially once I expand.”

And expand she will. Labrina is already licensed in Florida, Texas, Maryland and Washington, D.C., with pending licensure in the state of Alabama. This month, she plans to collaborate with a mental health counselor on a free speech and language screening project for disadvantaged kids. She’s also actively hiring speech and language therapists around the country, and recently decided to upgrade to the Premium 50 level.

One day, Labrina hopes to expand throughout the U.S. and beyond. At every step of the way, having Davinci will be like having a team of her own employees, without the stress and expense of an in-person staff.

Labrina is confident that Davinci receptionists will give the right impression. They will be trained on what to say and will understand how her tele-practice works, Labrina said. They will also know the software she uses, and they will have scripts for answering questions and concerns.

Labrina sees Divine Deliverance as God’s work. The less time she has to spend answering the phones and fielding emails, the more time she can spend accomplishing her mission: to improve client quality of life after the storm.


Customer success story – Virtual Touch Pro

This month’s success story focuses on Virtual Touch Pro, a computer repair business operating out of Seattle and utilizing our virtual receptionist & call answering service. The company was founded in 2012 and services the Seattle area but also provides computer assistance remotely. Virtual Touch Pro has successfully integrated Davinci Virtual answering service & virtual receptionists into their company, so we bring you their story in our Customer Success Series this month.

When the company started their search for an answering service that works for the tech industry, they got online and started browsing the options, like most of our customers do, and they came across Davinci Virtual. Scot Runyan, one of the managers at the company, took a look at Davinci Virtual solutions when it comes to outsourcing their call answering and customer support needs. After comparing the reviews and offerings of what was currently out there, the company decided to go with Davinci.

In the initial feedback from the customers, they stated, “We looked at other solutions, but there was nothing like what Davinci does. Most impressive thing is that if a problem came up, they had a great system to taking care of it and were very professional about it”. This came in very helpful as the main pain point Virtual Touch Pro was trying to solve is to have someone there to get information from the person on the other end. Scot went on to say, “[We] needed a professional to answer and give the correct information and also to be able to receive the information around the time that it came in. You need to have a 5 star business to have a 5 star life, and Davinci helps to get us there”.

This isn't the first time the company’s management team has used an answering service, as Scot let us know that they used a local answering company for their receptionist needs in the late 70’s and 80’s, but is glad to be with Davinci in the 21st century. He noted, “I never had any problems with Davinci’s phone system. And phones can drive you crazy! We are always busy and [with Davinci], we are now able to get back to our client’s issues and saving time”. Although the company is still looking at their data, they feel confident to say that Davinci has had an impact on their overall new business opportunities and sales.

The end results for this tech company was that they were able to focus on growing their business and assisting customers, while greatly reducing distractions. When we asked Scot if he would recommend Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, he stated, “If there is a business that has any communication by phone, I would let them know that they would be able to have an intelligent representative who can answer your calls clearly, professionally and efficiently. The team that answers my calls do a great job!” It is stories like these that Davinci is known for, and why our reviews outshine the rest, as we care about the success of each and every one of our customers. Give us a call for a free consultation on how we can help you streamline your business. You can also take a look at our call answering cost calculator to see how much we could save you in terms of time you spend answering calls.

If you are interested in learning more about Virtual Touch Pro, visit their website at

If you would like to learn more about the Live Receptionist Services at Davinci, give us a call at 888-863-3423.



Customer Success Story: Adler Law

Robert Adler began practicing law in 1985. A graduate of the prestigious Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, and Adler maintains an active presence in his local community through his membership in the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA).

Adler Law is a problem-solving law firm in Calabasas, California, and employs a relaxed, relational, open style, allowing each party an opportunity to be heard. The firm works hard to bring each case to a most optimal outcome. As a result, Adler Law takes great pride in providing a full set of services to its clients with legal expertise in real estate, construction, business litigation, and personal injury.

Examining the Argument

But with all of this success and community and professional involvement comes challenges. Adler found that he was spending an inordinate amount of time answering incoming calls and inquiries and maintaining his calendar. It was taking away from the time spent with clients.

As Adler Law is a relatively small firm, Adler did not want to expend valuable funds to hire a full-time—or even part-time—receptionist. He had read a couple articles on the virtual assistants, and he decided to perform an online search to see what options might be available. He subsequently pinpointed several different companies offering virtual assistant services. One of them was Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Making the Case

“I spent some time looking at the different options and comparing their capabilities,” Adler remarks. “I wanted something more than a standard answering service. I wanted a virtual receptionist.” The provider needed to understand Adler Law and its clients. Adler also wanted a solution that he and his team could customize to their needs. A one-size-fits-all approach would not satisfy his requirements. For example, he wanted appointments scheduled directly into his personal calendar instead of a generic calendar that an answering service would provide.

A Google search result uncovered several options, including a link to Davinci’s website. Once Adler landed on the site and had viewed several pages related to Davinci’s Live Receptionist Services, he received an invitation for a live web chat with a Davinci professional. He accepted the invite and was immediately engaged with a Davinci live chat specialist who was able to answer his questions and show him different service options.

“It was a very seamless process,” Adler notes. “I was able to get my questions answered very quickly and thoroughly.”

"We were looking for our virtual assistant to become a virtual extension of our team, someone who would do more than simply answer calls and forward them. We got exactly that with Davinci Virtual Receptionist Services.”
-Robert Adler, Principal, Adler Law

Taking Action

Adler initially signed up for an Executive 100 plan that gave him up to 100 live answering minutes each month. “I was able to review and choose various features that met our requirements such as appointment scheduling, call forwarding, and advanced call routing.” The ability to customize the online calendar for meeting scheduling and set up email alerts and texts for new and upcoming meetings was precisely what Adler sought in a solution.

Another important factor Adler found compelling was Davinci’s team approach, whereby Adler Law would be assigned to a dedicated team of five professionals who would become experts on Adler Law. “We were looking for our virtual assistant to become a virtual extension of our team, someone who would do more than simply answer calls and forward them,” Adler notes. “We got exactly that with Davinci Virtual Receptionist Services.”

Adding Up the Judgment

In lieu of hiring a full-time administrator, Adler was able to leverage Davinci Live Receptionist Services. “This gave us a solution at a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist,” Adler says. “This saves the firm tens of thousands of dollars annually.” Plus, as turnover rates are high for many receptionists, Adler Law does not need to worry about retraining and operational disruptions. “With the team from Davinci, we have ‘receptionist continuity.’” Adler quips. “The initial engagement with our client is very important, and having Davinci on that front line gives us great confidence that the client experience will be outstanding right out of the gate,” Adler adds.

Cost avoidance is just one of the benefits Adler has realized. “Our team previously spent valuable time scheduling meetings on our calendars and fielding incoming calls and then routing them to the appropriate person on our team,” he explains. “Neither myself nor a member of team needs to worry about these tasks now because we have Davinci Live Receptionist Services.”

"Davinci Live Receptionist Services gave us a solution at a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist. This saves the firm tens of thousands of dollars annually."
-Robert Adler, Principal, Adler Law

Upgraded and Litigating

The solution has proven so effective that Adler upgraded from the Executive 100 plan to the Premium 250 plan. This increased the number of receptionist minutes Adler Law uses each month from 100 to 250.

The decision to move to live virtual receptionist services and specifically Davinci Live Receptionist Services has turned out to be a winning argument for Adler Law. “Davinci Live Receptionist Services allows Adler Law to focus on our charter,” Adler sums up. “We no longer need to worry about answering and routing incoming calls and instead can focus on litigating on behalf of our clients and helping them to obtain justice.”

Organizations such as Adler Law understand the value of Davinci Live Receptionist Services. First impressions count, and Davinci Live Receptionist Services gives small businesses the brand voice they cannot attain on their own. Contact us today to find out more about Davinci Live Receptionist Services. Also, make sure to sign up for our blog and receive notifications whenever we have a new post.

For more information on Adler Law, visit the firm’s website at or contact the firm at 888.926.0678. You can also follow them on Facebook.


Client Success: New Hope Properties, Inc.

Here at Davinci Virtual we are always excited to hear about clients that experience success while utilizing our products. Our sales agent, Laura Asti, brings us our client success story this month.

New Hope Properties, Inc. owner Mia Dorton was looking for a business phone number and fax service to provide her company with a professional business phone so she can market herself without having to use a home or cell phone number. She also needed a system that would route her calls during business hours and not send her calls during all hours of the night. Davinci’s Auto Receptionist service was perfect for her needs.

The Auto Receptionist Service provided Ms. Dorton with two phone lines, which also doubled as fax lines. But, what really impressed Ms. Dorton was the fax to email and voicemail to email features as well as the capability to send outbound faxes through the online platform. This service allows her much more control over the way her phones are operated and the professional greeting gives her a bigger business feel. Ms. Dorton originally thought she was going to have to individually purchase each feature that our auto receptionist service offers and was excited to receive the ultimate business phone package at an amazingly cost effective price. She also loves that she will be able to upgrade and add lines as her company grows.

Laura found working with Ms. Dorton a great experience. “She was super sweet and willing to provide me with details about her business and needs so it made it so easy to find her the best product for her business!”

What a great opportunity we have to assist Ms. Dorton and New Hope Properties with her growing business. We look forward to a great partnership and seeing her business succeed!

To learn more about New Hope Properties, visit their website

If you are interested in learning more about Davinci’s amazing Auto Receptionist services give us a call at 888-863-3423.

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