Client Success: New Hope Properties, Inc.

Here at Davinci Virtual we are always excited to hear about clients that experience success while utilizing our products. Our sales agent, Laura Asti, brings us our client success story this month.

New Hope Properties, Inc. owner Mia Dorton was looking for a business phone number and fax service to provide her company with a professional business phone so she can market herself without having to use a home or cell phone number. She also needed a system that would route her calls during business hours and not send her calls during all hours of the night. Davinci’s Auto Receptionist service was perfect for her needs.

The Auto Receptionist Service provided Ms. Dorton with two phone lines, which also doubled as fax lines. But, what really impressed Ms. Dorton was the fax to email and voicemail to email features as well as the capability to send outbound faxes through the online platform. This service allows her much more control over the way her phones are operated and the professional greeting gives her a bigger business feel. Ms. Dorton originally thought she was going to have to individually purchase each feature that our auto receptionist service offers and was excited to receive the ultimate business phone package at an amazingly cost effective price. She also loves that she will be able to upgrade and add lines as her company grows.

Laura found working with Ms. Dorton a great experience. “She was super sweet and willing to provide me with details about her business and needs so it made it so easy to find her the best product for her business!”

What a great opportunity we have to assist Ms. Dorton and New Hope Properties with her growing business. We look forward to a great partnership and seeing her business succeed!

To learn more about New Hope Properties, visit their website https://www.NewHopePropertyInvestments.com.

If you are interested in learning more about Davinci’s amazing Auto Receptionist services give us a call at 888-863-3423.


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