Can Virtual Offices Curb New York Job Hoppers?

NYC—More than half of participants in a Kelly Global Workforce Index survey believe that it’s more important to change employers than remain with their existing employer in order to develop their skills and advance their careers. Could virtual offices help retain the best and brightest workers?

In spite of the lingering uncertainty in the economy, 69 percent of respondents say that if they did change jobs, they would be in a good position to negotiate a similar or better position. The results mark a trend toward workers seeking to gain new experiences with multiple employers.

But allowing telecommuting from a virtual office can help, especially considering signs of the new self-reliance and autonomy the survey reveals in today’s workforce. Nearly half of all workers say that even when they are happy in a job, they actively look for better job opportunities or evaluate the job market. But a virtual office in New York could keep Manhattan workers right where they are.

Virtual offices don’t guarantee that an employee will stay with your company, but it does help to sweeten the pot for employees looking for more flexible work. Virtual offices in New York can help employees cut down on transportation costs and commute times while allowing them to workshift.

Virtual offices are perfect for the New York City lifestyle, offering the ultimate convenience for mobile workers and entrepreneurs who work from their apartments while opening the door to day office space and meeting rooms and necessary. Virtual offices aren’t a panacea for turnover, but allowing flexible work from a virtual office can certainly make a difference in employee career choices.


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