Beyond the Walls: Virtual Business Methods

Technological innovation has made it possible to do things people never even dreamed of. I certainly never thought I'd be able to work from home on occasion or hit up my work email from a remote place when I first started out. Truth is, I kind of thought I'd need to accessorize my working wardrobe with that ball and chain forever.

From start-ups to large corporations, everyone is concerned with the budget like never before. This is where working virtually can really save for every business. Thankfully, working in today's advanced society, we no longer have to confine meetings between four walls. Nor do we have to stay in expensive hotels. Instead, we can have all the perks a hotel offers - actually more, in terms of technology and privacy.

There are so many kinds of virtual communication options to choose from that it can make your head spin - and mine often does. I get to choose from conference calls to live chat and videoconferencing - and they're all really great tools for my work teams.

Most hotels just don't offer as much gadgetry as you can get in the virtually based world. I've found that companies like Davinci Virtual offer everything from receptionists to traditional conference rooms - with all the services any business person needs - including ones they may not have thought of. For instance, virtual assistants that answer calls live, take surveys, make outbound calls, provide customer service, take orders, and even schedule appointments.

Businesses can use virtual office solutions to let employees actively participate in team meetings - no matter where they are. That is, unless you happen to work for Yahoo - since they nixed their work at home policy. I predict they will regret that decision, as employees move on to more progressive workplace environments - you know, like the one they thought they were working for. I mean, isn't that why their employees decided to work for Yahoo in the first place? Personally, I'm really glad that advances in technology have made it possible to meet and work virtually. There's really nothing like going to a meeting in your slippers!


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