7 Reasons Why a Virtual Assistant is Better Than Hiring an In-House Employee

So, your business is growing, congratulations! The success of your business is all you have ever aimed for, but with it comes more responsibility—sometimes more than you can handle. It is time for you to hire an assistant to pick up the slacks wherever they may fall and make sure you aren't missing any critical details along the way. 

However, hiring the right kind of assistant is not only very time consuming, but can sometimes be mentally draining. Choosing to outsource jobs is not just for industries such as tech, e.g., Google, or writing service reviews, e.g., Online Writers Rating. Anyone can outsource a task like hiring a virtual assistant. Below, we will share seven essential benefits of a virtual assistant over an in-house employee

What / Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an individual or an organization aimed at providing various admin services for businesses or organizations from a remote location. Virtual assistants can work from Coworking spaces or pods. Still, all our virtual assistants work from our headquarters, creating an efficient work environment, and ensuring that should the need arise, they can form effective teams to manage your business needs. 

Services virtual assistants offer can range from:

• Customer support.

• Administrative tasks.

• Bilingual receptionist services.

• Appointment scheduling

• Voice mail management, etc.

Why is a Virtual Assistant Better Than an In-house Employee?

1. They are Cheaper

Statistics show that it can take up to three years for a start-up to become profitable or start making ROI. In a case like this, cutting operational costs will help you fund other fundamental parts of your business. One key way to do this is to outsource your administrative department to a VA company.

Think about it. When you hire in-house staff, you pay for new work devices, office furnishing, internet connection, and other operation costs. But with a virtual assistant (VA) service such as Davinci Virtual, you don't have to pay for any work equipment; the company sets up everything for their VAs, and the virtual assistants are ready to take your calls immediately.

2. They are Professionals

Virtual assistants are professionals in their fields; therefore, you do not have to micro-manage them.

While most of them work from coworking spaces and handle businesses for a lot of clients, Davinci provides dedicated offices for our virtual assistants to work from. This ensures that handling multiple clients is not a problem, and we can create teams of virtual assistants for your specific business needs. 

3. They Are a Great Stepping Stone To Something More Permanent.

Eventually, your business will grow to the point where you can afford to hire a whole department of administrative staff. But before you get there, hiring a virtual assistant will come in handy. 

VAs will help you manage your key administrative tasks as you work to expand your business. 

4. Minimize Training Cost with a Virtual Assistant

When you hire an in-house assistant, chances are you will have to give them on-the-job training, or your organization will be involved in training them regularly. This will require you to invest money, time, and commitment to the growth of an in-house employee that can leave at any time.

However, with a virtual assistant, while there is still training involved, all you have to do as a client is relay what you want your VA to know, and VA services take care of the rest. 

Virtual assistants are dedicated to learning and are regularly updated on the current business trends in their field, and the client's needs. 

This will mean less downtime for your business and better efficiency in their tasks.

5. Handle Business in Different Languages

The world is a global market, and if your business isn't ready to be international, then there is a wealth of clientele, it will miss out on. On the other hand, if you decide to hire an in-house assistant, you may have to hire more than one, so they can check all your bilingual boxes. 

VAs, on the other hand, are different, because they work in teams, you can find solutions to all your bilingual needs from one virtual assistant service company. 

This will significantly expand your business reach and lead to higher customer satisfaction. 

6. Virtual Assistants Will Help You Increase Efficiency

Efficiency is a factor that significantly affects the rate at which your business will grow. So, as a leader, you should strive towards services that will help you increase that efficiency with reduced stress. That is, through virtual assistants.

Because virtual assistants provide a plethora of services, businesses can lean on them for more and broader tasks without having to worry about it. For example, Davinci virtual assistant's order processing feature can help your business efficiently take and process orders without ever having to answer the phone. 

Not only will this help you increase business efficiency, but it will ensure customer engagement and retention.

7. You Pay for Plans and Not for Hours

Finally, let's talk a little more about cost. With an in-house staff, you are paying them a fixed rate. This can sometimes feel like a rip-off, especially if your team is not as efficient as you would like. 

With a virtual assistant, however, you can simply pick a plan that works best for your business model, and pay for that.


All that being said, a VA is not for everyone, so check your business needs and decide if they will work well for your business before you finalize your decision. 


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