Meeting Face To Face: How To Pull Off A Great Meeting When You’re A Virtual Worker

For remote workers, there are many perks to being able to work in a location-independent environment, such as increased productivity, more engagement at work, and less overhead costs. But even with 53% of Americans choosing to work virtually at least half of the work week, there is still a need to occasionally meet face to face and have personal interactions amongst clients, customers, and team members.

Having a professional setting and having the ability to host these meetings is the reason many freelancers and small agencies choose to opt for a virtual office to gain credibility, look professional, and ultimately save costs. The resources of a virtual office, professional meeting area, and well equipped catered venue are key factors for the success of a face to face meeting. When 83% of remote workers choose to work at home the majority of the time, pulling off a successful meeting offline and in person is certainly easily attainable with a bit of strategic planning, great location, and the right resources.

Location, Location, Location

The location of the meeting needs to be prepared and booked well in advance. Suffice to say that a home meeting, or one in a local coffee shop may not always be the most appropriate, and certainly does not impress a potential client with professionalism and credibility. With such a large portion of the workforce choosing to work remotely, with the prediction that by 2020 this will be comprised of 50% of the American workforce, it's important to stand out as legitimate.Virtual offices provide boardroom and meeting rooms to be held in a corporate office, and these rooms will be well equipped with technology to run the meeting smoothly.

If youu're seeking a more impressive look, choose a professionally-designed food and beverage outlet that is prepared to host meetings, and will provide exceptional service and catering. Having an extraordinary view of a skyline can be an integral part to wow a potential client and close deals, or to network with like minded professionals in your industry. The location can make a great positive impact with the success of a meeting when moving off the screen and face to face.  

Impeccable Professionalism

Although the majority of time you may be at home working in your pajamas, a potential client certainly does not need to be privy to that information. When meeting face to face, it’s best to dress to impress in full corporate attire. It’s been studied that both you and your business have seven seconds to make a great first impression on a client, and how you present yourself plays a huge role. For men, this includes a full suit, ironed, and clean shaven. For women, this includes business attire, and tasteful make-up and jewelry.   

Interactive Team Building

Face to face meetings are not exclusive to just business clients, as there will occasionally be a need to meet with your virtual team. One of the best advantages of working remotely is the higher employee retention, due to the improvement of morale and happiness. However, up to 65% of remote workers have never had a team bonding session, which further boosts an employee’s engagement at work. Meeting outside of the virtual world is the best way to do this, by planning various team building events. After work drinks, a team dinner at a popular restaurant, or even just a meeting and lunch at a virtual office will certainly boost the team dynamics. 

Meeting face to face as a virtual worker is certainly beneficial for a number of circumstances. And with the proper planning and execution, hosting a successful business meeting or team bonding experience is certainly achievable.  


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