How to Set Up Your Virtual Office Space for Maximum Effectiveness

When setting up your virtual office space you should take into account several key elements, such as location, personel, and the workspace itself. This will help you make sure you are choosing the best virtual solution for your business. 

Let’s start with location. 

Choosing the right location is arguably the most important decision for an entrepreneur or a company seeking to grow in a new market. When it comes to picking a virtual office solution, location should be at the top of your mind. The location you choose can greatly impact a company’s sale, performance, overhead, and overall operations. Additionally, the right location can help give prestige and give people a sense of trust when looking up your business. Davinci currently has more than 1,500 business locations around the world.  

All of these locations allow you to receive business mail, which you can then pick up on site or have it forwarded on a scheduled basis to wherever you are. Moreover, to give your company an additional level of professionalism and branding, your company name will be featured on the lobby directory listing and your customers will be welcomed to the office and assisted by a lobby greeter.  

Once you’ve settled on a location, you need to think about finding and retaining new business leads that will be coming your way. One of the most proactive ways to ensure you are getting the best of leads is to hire a live receptionist or virtual assistant service. Doing so will make it easier for you to follow up with leads and clients, schedule appointments, and make sales calls. 

Today’s clients and consumers focus highly on experience. Making it easy for them to find you and to get in touch with you will help you stand out from the competition. 

With just a few services your virtual office and your business is now up and running. Pro tip: if you’re interested in working with others and meeting professionals whom you can partner or do business with, consider visiting a coworking space. It will help you break out of your routine and it will provide you with access to unique amenities and a strong business community; these are also great places to host a meeting.


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