Virtual Address Helps Florida Startup Shine

When Don Jones walked into his new home to see his pregnant wife teetering on a chair, struggling to reach an 11-foot ceiling fan, he was scared for her safety. He knew there had to be a better way.

After hours of tinkering in the garage, he had the solution he needed: a telescopic pole with a special fitting that could be used to reach the pull chain on any light or fan, anywhere in the house.

The TipToe Stick® was born. 

A few months later, Jones had a patent in hand and was ready to offer his invention for use in homes, businesses, restaurants, garages and more. The TipToe Stick could be used to adjust ceiling fans and lights up to 20 feet high, and it would cost a fraction of the price of rewiring the lamps with a wall switch.

‘Nobody Wants to Use Their Home Address’

Jones was ready to kick off his startup Fandynamic and start selling his invention, but he had a problem. He didn’t want to use his home address. It might not be safe for his growing family, he thought, and it certainly didn’t look professional.

He had heard of virtual office addresses, so started exploring his options.

“I had searched around, looked at a lot of them,” Jones said. “Everything I found just wasn’t for me. It was just meeting rooms, and it seemed like a lot of hype. I really just needed an office where I could get down to business.”

Jones wasn’t trying to host a party. Instead, he needed a real street address and a place where mail and packages could be delivered during the day.

A Virtual Address Without the Hype

After a little more digging, Jones found Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. He liked the idea of paying for only the services he needed, and he loved the beautiful office location near his home in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

“You can look like a $100 million company, even if you’re $1 million company, or a $100,000 company, or even a $1,000 company,” he raved. “It’s a no brainer for anyone starting a business on their own. This is really ideal.”

The Convenience of All-Hours Access

Davinci offers an all-hours access keypad, so Jones can pick up his mail on the weekend or after hours. It also offers locations throughout the world, so clients can project their best image even when they’re on the road.

“You get a professional address to put on your business card and for your corporation,” Jones said. “Plus, if I’m traveling in Boston, I can still meet my client in a very professional setting.” 

A New Standard of Customer Care

Jones was so impressed with the Davinci experience, he’s using it as a model for his own startup.

“I was blown away by the customer service,” he said. “I thought that kind of service and attention to the customer was going away, but they called me on the phone and walked me through every step. I was blown away by how prompt they were, and they even called back to verify how the services were going. It really was a benchmark of how you want customer service in any business.”

Learn More

To find out how your startup or small business could look like a hundred million dollar company, check out our Solutions Guide, “Boosting Businesses with High-Profile Virtual Addresses and Offices.”



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