Davinci Gives Virtual Charge to SEM Power

When it comes to solar power, Solar Energy Management (SEM Power LLC) has few rivals. With operations in Florida and the Caribbean, SEM Power has turned a long list of residential homes and commercial buildings into zero energy structures—from Habitat for Humanity, to Marc Rutenberg Zero Energy Homes, to Great Bay Distributors. Indeed, the company’s engineers developed the first solar roof systems in Florida and installed the state’s largest roof top solar array at 1.5 Megawatts for Great Bay Distributors.

In addition to its passion and commitment to sustainable energy and local communities, SEM Power takes great pride in delivering superior service and support at a competitive price. This has served as a guiding principle as the company has grown and expanded.

Operational Growth, Office Expansion

In 2015, when SEM Power sought to open operations in Ft. Myers, Florida, the company went in search of office space. But office space in Ft. Myers is expensive, and the company needed to hire a full-time receptionist to answer incoming calls and to provide administrative support for the location.

The company’s residential sales manager, Chris Rollitt, oversaw the search. He concluded an alternative approach was needed, especially considering the local office space would be occupied only a few days each week. After investigating different options, Rollitt concluded that a virtual office would meet the needs of SEM Power best. He discovered Davinci’s Virtual Office solution from an online search and concluded that it was the right choice for SEM Power.

“We are able to get a great address known by both our residential and commercial customers, while avoiding the cost of leasing an office space that we would only use a few days a week,” he says. “In addition, combined with Davinci Meeting Rooms, we also have the flexibility to reserve professional meeting rooms as day offices for our team when they are traveling or conference rooms for local customer meetings.”

Opting for Davinci Virtual Office solutions instead of a leased office enabled SEM Power to avoid significant costs. “It would have cost us more to lease a local office, and the address would not have been anywhere near as good as the one we have through Davinci Office,” Rollitt comments. “We also have the ability to reserve meeting rooms—in any location where we’re conducting business—easily and quickly with Davinci Meeting Rooms.”

Live Receptionists: Virtual Extension of Team

Due to is rapid growth and expansion, SEM Power was also experiencing a significant increase in incoming calls—from customers and prospects. Rather than hire a receptionist to answer those calls and route them to the appropriate member of the SEM Power team, Rollitt elected to use Davinci Live Receptionist services instead.

“The Davinci team got up to speed very quickly,” Rollitt says. “They leveraged a set of templates to train their Live Receptionist team on our business and developed workflows that fit our business requirements. Prospects and customers who call our offices think they are speaking to a ‘badged’ SEP Power employee. And with the Auto Receptionist feature that comes with Live Receptionist services, we’re able to automatically route incoming calls to the the appropriate member of our team without the involvement of a live receptionist.”

With Davinci Virtual Office, SEM Power is able to avoid the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist. Rollitt estimates Live Receptionist services saves him thousands of dollars a month compared to hiring a full-time receptionist. “And we get the additional value of features like Auto Receptionist, Scheduling, and others,” he adds. “Live Receptionist services allows us to focus on delivering great solutions for our customers rather than administrative functions. Davinci is truly a virtual extension of our team and provides us with the scale and flexibility to grow our business.”


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