The Many Ways That Virtual Offices Trump Working From Home

Working from home, either part-time or full-time, is a wonderful option for many, but not all workers. It depends on the type of job and work at hand and whether there is support and encouragement from the employer to do so; as often found in ROWE (Results Oriented Work Environment) companies, which are increasing in popularity and mainstreaming with each passing day. Another big factor is whether the home work environment is conducive to remote working as far as satisfying all technical and equipment requirements, as well as whether it is worth the cost and effort to make it so.

But even when we presume that all these factors lend themselves to a ready and supported home-working arrangement, and the set-up and IT is fine, the employer is in total support. As a result, satisfactory results are not dependent on daily commutes to a central office/headquarters with required presenteeism standards, because there are still some important factors to keep in mind that point to the fact that home-based working isn’t always an automatic, consistently reliable Shangri-la. In fact, in many instances, this convenient, time-and-money saving home-working measure is counter-intuitively unsatisfactory or unworkable, despite the few apparent advantages.

Working from home for an employer, as a solo-preneuring, contractor or remote worker, is a double-edged sword. Some people simply need the triggering mechanism and discipline of getting out and about, to work out of an office in order to give it their best focus. Others have a low tolerance and/or lack the necessary discipline to ward off the slew of inevitable interruptions that working from home poses – from a sluggish crank-up to tackle the day’s workload, to succumbing to a myriad of distractions such as TV or other happenings that pop up and wobble the daily work-life rhythm. Working from home definitely has a few upsides, but it’s simply not the answer for all people or situations. For those that are untethered to a traditional 9-to-5 work regimen, and relish and sparkle in today’s work anytime/work anywhere universe, there are many options, like working from home or a virtual office., Working from home is not always ideal, however, there’s the popular, inexpensive alternative of virtual offices Virtual offices are a place to go to work conveniently in a professional environment, where you sidestep all the distractions of home and get revved up for a serious day of focused work in a professional, conducive and supportive environment.

There are many great reasons why virtual officing is the ideal, best-of-both-worlds solution in our increasingly agile/mobile work universe. Affordable, flexible, scalable, and eminently professional, virtual offices give you a place where you can meet with clients and network with like-minded professionals, all while paying a minimal charge as part of your Virtual Office plan.

As a twentieth century solution, virtual offices allow you to maximize your productivity, without maxing out your credit cards for unused space. So, if you absolutely need to, have a home office – but at the same time, to max out on the legitimacy, stability and professionalism that a virtual office can offer, you just can’t beat the wisdom of signing on with one of the wide variety of virtual office services. From having a professional address, to having your calls answered in a friendly and professional manner, to receiving and sending mail and packages from this address, to a well-appointed place to conduct important meetings & networking opportunities, we have the perfect virtual offices that are available today, often conveniently located right near where you live. So don’t delay any longer, forgo the distracting home environment, and start working like a professional from your own virtual office today with Davinci virtual office solutions.


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