Davinci 101: The Tools of the Mobile Entrepreneur in 2015

The last few years have brought some of the most dramatic and meaningful change to business operations and services that we've ever seen. With the accelerated maturation of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, it's not only possible, it is actually common, to find entrepreneurs who conduct their business operations without offices, staff, or any office hardware beyond what they can carry in a messenger bag. These business owners are known as "Mobile Entrepreneurs," and they're taking over in just about every industry as they prove to be more flexible, more readily available to new and current clients, and overall quicker to respond to business opportunities. In this week's Davinci 101, we take a quick look at the mobile entrepreneur's tools of the trade.

The Tools

Today's mobile entrepreneur needs very little to get a lot done. The essential tools include: a smartphone, a virtual office, a personal computer, a tablet, and a live receptionist service.

The smartphone allows a mobile entrepreneur to communicate from anywhere, stay organized, and stay informed throughout the day.

A virtual office solution gives the mobile entrepreneur the business address they need to impress clients, access to meeting rooms worldwide, and mail forwarding support for their business correspondence.

The personal computer, whether a laptop or desktop, serves as the mobile entrepreneur's workstation and business hub. Used to prepare documents and presentations, manage business assets, and for research, a personal computer is essential.

A tablet is quite a handy device for the mobile entrepreneur as it allows them to have a powerful computing device on the go. Use it to manage tasks, complete basic work, communicate, stay organized, and as a valuable tool in presentations and meetings.

A live receptionist service is becoming one of the most important tools for a growing small business or mobile entrepreneur. Able to handle all inbound calling, order processing, customer support, call routing, business admin, and much more, a team of live receptionists replaces the need for an in-house receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

Davinci can provide you with a virtual office solution and live receptionists to help you succeed as a mobile entrepreneur in 2015. For more information, please contact us at 888-863-3423 or www.davincivirtual.com


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