3 Office Solutions to Incorporate into Your 2015 Business Plan

On average, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. That’s because many of the goals people set are too unattainable—goals that are often out of reach that require more sacrifice than people have the energy to exert. As a business owner or working professional, keep that statistic in mind when setting your 2015 goals. Here are a couple of goals that everybody should set:

    • Lower overhead cost


    • Increase profitability

You can do it! With a few key business tools, these resolutions aren’t out of reach. You can quickly become a part of the few 8%.

    1. Professional business address

Securing a professional business address for a smaller company is important when going up against larger corporate competitors. When a client can see that a business exists at an actual office location, the credibility of the offered services and level of professionalism are raised.

Many home-based businesses don’t realize that finding a professional business address is possible without paying the high price of office rental and maintenance. Through virtual office space solutions with companies like Davinci Virtual, getting that professional business address is very possible—and very affordable.

Davinci Virtual customers that need a business address can select one from a list of over 3,000 office spaces in more than 950 locations around the world. Some of the international Davinci Virtual locations include:

    • Hong Kong


    • Korea


    • France


    • Germany


    • India


    • Spain


    • Mexico


    • England


    • South Africa


    • Australia


    • Indonesia

    1. Virtual office space

Many businesses are moving to a virtual space and even more plan to do so in 2015. Having a virtual office with Davinci just makes sense. Many companies find that going virtual provides them with many of the same benefits as actually owning a physical office does.

By signing up for a Davinci Virtual Office Space package, you’ll have access to a variety of valuable resources, including:

    • Mail receipt: Companies can use their selected Davinci Virtual Office Space address for mail receipt, which can then be forwarded to a business owner’s home address or anywhere else it might need to go. These virtual office space customers can opt in to this mail forwarding service to take place as often as needed—daily, weekly, monthly, etc.


    • Conference room and office access: As part of every virtual business office package, Davinci customers have access to reserve and use conference rooms and office space as needed. This feature is not limited to the selected professional business address location; meeting space reservations can be made at any of the 3,000+ Davinci meeting spaces worldwide. Each location provides a list of services helpful for all types of business meetings so customers can feel confident they will have everything they need. These services include:

        • High-speed Internet

        • LCD projectors

        • Plasma screens

        • Audio/video conferencing

        • HD video conferencing systems

        • Lobby greeter

        • Copying

        • Color printing

        • Secretarial services

        • Faxing

        • Notary and transcription services

        • Mailing

        • Shipping

        • Office supplies

        • Catering and beverage services


    • Lobby greeter: At each location, Davinci customers can rest assured that all walk-in business inquiries at a registered professional business address will be greeted by a lobby greeter who is aware of the company listings. This especially comes in handy when space is reserved for important meetings or conferences—a lobby greeter helps maintain the high level of professionalism Davinci customers have established.


    • Lobby directory listing: At most Davinci Virtual Office Space locations, customer have the option to list their company in the lobby’s directory.

    1. Virtual receptionist

Unbeknownst to many, Davinci Virtual Receptionists are live, professionally-trained receptionists chosen to perform a variety of secretarial tasks. By using a virtual receptionist, business owners can free themselves of time-consuming, monotonous tasks such as meeting scheduling, voicemail management, call forwarding, etc., and focus on the items of their businesses that they are most passionate about. Davinci Virtual Receptionists can even be used as a means of customer service support.

Each receptionist is trained on the business they are supporting so they will be prepared and helpful for any task they might be assigned to complete. In order to best maintain the level of professionalism Davinci customers expect, the virtual receptionists are trained and work in a U.S.-based office, as opposed to many other virtual receptionist services, which employ home-based receptionists.

Contact Davinci Virtual today to begin incorporating these office solutions into your 2015 business plan right away.



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