Small Businesses Realize the Benefits of Virtual Office Solutions

The number of mobile workers continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Fewer and fewer workers claim a dedicated workspace or even an office, and this trend is only going to increase. Indeed, more than 1.3 billion global workers will be mobile in 2015, up from 1 billion in 2011, according to the Global Workspace Association. The most dramatic shift is for small businesses: 50 percent are run out of home offices, and of those over 40 percent generate more than $150,000 annually.

More than 1.3 billion global workers will be mobile in 2015, up from 1 billion in 2011.

This is all good news for small businesses. Virtual office solutions give them the ability to focus on running and growing their businesses without the worry of offices, greeters, and receptionists. But the need for meeting and conference rooms, day offices, and receptionists still exists. This is why we launched Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. And with 25,000 customers around the world—many of which are small businesses—we have first-hand knowledge of the business benefits virtual office solutions can provide.

Virtual office solutions give small businesses the ability to focus on running and growing their businesses without the worry of offices, greeters, and receptionists. But the need for meeting and conference rooms, day offices, and receptionists still exists.

There are many use case scenarios for small businesses. For the purposes of this blog post, let’s examine three that we see played out regularly. We fictionalized each of the examples, though they could represent any number of our customers.

Live receptionist services for hardwood-flooring installation business

Consider Johnny Jet who owns a hardwood-flooring installation company that services a large metropolitan area comprising several hundred square miles. Business is generated from contracts that he has with six area hardwood-flooring retail shops. There is no need for a permanent office location, as he spends 80 percent or more of his workweek managing his installation crew and planning their next job site.

While on the road or on worksites, Johnny doesn’t have time to field incoming calls. Rather, he needs a full-time receptionist to field those calls, pushing lower-priority calls to voice mail and forwarding those that are higher priority calls to his mobile number. And for those that are urgent, Johnny needs real-time messaging direct to his mobile device.

But Johnny doesn’t have the revenue stream to hire a full-time receptionist yet. So he spends valuable time fielding all incoming calls—those that are urgent and those that aren’t—a time-consuming and unproductive task. Further, in some instances, he misses urgent calls because he wasn’t available to field a call.

This is where a virtual receptionist service like Davinci Live Receptionist Service can make a real difference. The economic infeasibility associated with a full-time receptionist is eliminated with our approach, whereby we assign customers to a dedicated team of agents who serve a group of pre-assigned customers. Each of the teams becomes subject-matter experts for the businesses they serve. The team field Johnny’s calls, filtering out the urgent from the non-urgent, forwarding those that are urgent to Johnny while pushing others to voice mail or gathering details and messaging those to Johnny. Suddenly, Johnny has a service he can afford, one that allows him to focus on managing and growing his business.

Virtual office for executive job search firm

William Schultz owns an executive job search firm that conducts business in six metropolitan areas. William and his head of sales hold one-hour sales meetings with executives seeking assistance with career development and job searches. Once a client has purchased the service, William’s three executive coaches meet with clients one-on-one for all-day assessment and coaching sessions.

Because of the clientele of his company, William must maintain high-scale professional offices in all six locations where he conducts business. With commercial real estate at all-time highs, this is a very expensive undertaking and comprises a large portion of William’s operating expenses.

But what if William had a different option? He and his four employees could work from their home offices when they are not meeting with clients—for both sales and consultation sessions. Then, when it comes time for a client meeting, he could simply use a virtual office solution such as Davinci Virtual Office solutions. With those, he gets a local business address (for each of his six locations), mail receipt and forwarding, a lobby directory listing, a lobby greeter, and meeting rooms that he can rent by the hour, day, or week.

Virtual live receptionist services for growing nail salon

Susanna Gonzales owns a nail salon that employs four professional stylists in addition to herself. Susanna’s business is growing but hasn’t become large enough to support a full-time receptionist. As a result, every time the phone rings, Susanna or one or her stylists must leave a customer, answer the call, and book or cancel an appointment. This impacts customer service and employee productivity.

But with a live virtual receptionist service like Davinci Live Receptionist Service, Susanna can route calls to her virtual receptionist when she and her stylists are with customers. And for calls that require immediate attention, they can be forwarded to Susanna’s office number and/or her mobile phone, or even sent via real-time messaging.

Tell us about your virtual office stories

These are just three of many different use-case scenarios for small businesses. Contact us to get more details on Davinci’s Virtual Office solutions. We’d love to hear how our virtual office solutions are helping small businesses—or for that matter businesses of all sizes? Email your story to Mary Castleton at mcastleton@davincivirtual.com.


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