12 Virtual Office Location Solution “Gifts” for Businesses This Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast upon us, stores, malls, and radios are filled with holiday songs.  One that resonates with audiences of nearly every age and has proven the test of time is “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Most of us believe it refers to the 12 days prior to Christmas Day. To the contrary, the 12 days either start with Christmas Day itself or with the day after (December 26) and end on the Feast of Epiphany (January 6).

The best known and one of the earliest versions of the song appeared in the late 18th century and depicted the 12th night as a time of merrymaking whereby a leader would recite a verse and each of the players would repeat it. Whenever one of the players erred, they had to pay a penalty such as offering up a kiss or a sweet.

No kisses or sweets but virtual office location “gifts”

While Davinci Virtual Office Solutions cannot offer up any kisses or sweets this holiday season, we can offer the equivalent of 12 virtual office location solution “gifts” to businesses.

Why are virtual office solutions important today? The reality is that we live and work in a world where the nine-to-five workday and a fixed office location is a faint memory of the past. Yet, at the same time, this doesn’t mean that professional office space and real-time customer service and engagement are things of the past. Indeed, these standards and expectations are just as high, if not more so, than they were in the past.

Virtual office locations are the answer, helping to blend the best of both worlds—old and new. With Davinci Virtual Office solution packages, we offer businesses the opportunity to improve their productivity, facilitate better customer engagement, and grow their businesses. Our 12 virtual office location solution “gifts” this holiday season include (feel free to sing along):

“On the first day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…Professional Business Addresses.” With 950-plus business locations around the world, Davinci offers businesses the ability to secure a presence in virtually any major market. Small businesses can use the address for business licensing or registration and market the new address via search engines and Internet directories.

“On the second day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…Mail Receipt.” Receive your business mail at each of your local addresses supplied by Davinci. For those businesses that don’t want to pick it up at the location, they can have it forwarded on a scheduled basis to wherever they want.

“On the third day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…Conference Rooms.” Davinci offers customers over 3,500 meeting rooms around the world that are configured with full services. Meet with your prospects and customers in environments designed to impress and project utmost professionalism. And we offer customers the option of reserving rooms by the hour or day, providing them with the ability to optimize their budgets.

“On the fourth day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…a Day Office.” For startups needing a fully equipped professional office while they build their business or existing businesses that require an office sporadically or during facility transitions, Davinci has you covered. Businesses can reserve workspace by the hour, day, or week, online or with the assistance of a Davinci agent—via phone, email, or live chat.

“On the fifth day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…a Lobby Greeter.” Davinci office locations include a Lobby Greeter who welcomes visitors and tenants to the office and provides them with assistance.

“On the sixth day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…a Lobby Directory Listing.” In addition to having an address at a well-known business location, Davinci customers can have their company name added to the Lobby Directory in many instances. This adds to the company’s credibility, even if it doesn’t have physical office space in the building.

“On the seventh day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me… Registered Agent Services and License hanging service.” Setting up a business in a new location is time-consuming and often frustrating. With the Registered Agent Services and License hanging service, companies can ensure that their local businesses are set up properly.

“On the eighth day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…a Business Support Center.” All of Davinci’s meeting locations provide a variety of professional business services such as copying and color printing, secretarial services, faxing, notary and transcription services, mailing, shipping, office supplies, and much more. With the Davinci Business Support Center, businesses can focus on running their businesses instead of worrying about administrative tasks.

“On the ninth day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…Catering services.” For customer or prospect meetings as well as those that are internal that run consecutive hours and often during lunchtime or even into the evening, we offer Catering services. Customers, prospects, partners, and employees will leave your meetings sated and impressed with your hospitality.

“On the tenth day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…Internet, Presentation, and Video Conferencing Tools.” Technology is a critical requirement in all of our 4,500plus meeting spaces. Each facility offers high-speed Internet and presentation tools such as smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens, and many other tools to make your onsite meeting a huge success. In addition, video conferencing can be used on any computer and laptop device, smartphone, and camera-enabled tablet. Up to 25 visitors can join via a single video bridge; capabilities include full video sharing, desktop sharing, audio, and recording.

“On the eleventh day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…Partner Services.” Our DavinciMeetingRooms.com platform is based on open APIs, and we are working with various application developers to enhance the capabilities offered to our customers through API integration. For example, we recently completed the integration of Your Virtual Butler into the platform, allowing customers to reserve conference rooms and day offices—and make changes to reservations in real time—at locations using Your Virtual Butler’s unified calendar.

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, Davinci gave to me…Expert Davinci Super Agents.” Davinci agents are experts on our virtual office solutions and are available—via phone, live chat, and email—to work with customers to identify and reserve meeting and conference room locations that best meet their needs. The award-winning team takes great pride in helping our customers to cultivate productive relationships, and we believe virtual office solutions play an important role.

For more information on our Virtual Office Location solutions, contact us at DavinciVirtual.com and DavinciMeetingRooms.com or check out the short video at https://youtu.be/UVjgXNDvVnE.

Do you have a story about how Davinci Virtual Office Solutions helped you meet your business objectives? We’d love to hear from you. Email your story to Mary Castleton at mcastleton@davincivirtual.com.


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