5 marketing ideas for small businesses

Successful and active marketing practices are the key to staying in the game when it comes to building your business. Follow these five simple, but critical, marketing tips- perfect for reaching potential customers and building your clientele.

1. Analyze content success

Take time to reflect on past efforts. What content worked and why? If your business uses a website, dive into the site’s analytics and learn what customers like to see. On that note, is you site fresh with relevant content? Make it a resource for your clients whether you frequently update a news section of your site or maintain a blog with new/trending insights for your industry. Fresh content is key—not only for grabbing the audience’s attention, but also for giving your site more value in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The fresher, more relevant your content is, the more likely a user searching for your services, will see your site in search engine results.

2. Network via existing customers

You work hard to provide quality services and cultivate a trusting relationship with your clients. If your clients are happy with your work, why wouldn’t they refer you to their friends and colleagues? Expanding your network this way gives you a means for reaching potential customers at a whole new level—one your competition doesn’t have immediate access to. So, if you feel you have a good relationship with existing customers and have earned their trust, don’t be afraid to ask them for referrals!

3. Create newsletters

Identify your customers’ concerns and interests when it comes to your industry and write newsletters for them on that topic. What better way to receive valuable information about an industry-specific topic than from an industry expert. These topics might range from legal issues, service-related advice, or how current events might be affecting the industry. This will help you establish a trusting relationship, because it lets them know you care enough to keep them informed. Most importantly, reach prospective customers by circulating the newsletters through email or placing them as assets on lead-generation landing pages.

4. Social media

There are many opportunities for building a presence in your industry through social media. This can be done by interacting with other industry players and also targeting content to potential clients’ interests and concerns.

For example, Twitter is a great opportunity to post about industry topics by sharing insightful articles or other brief ideas. It’s also important to build a network for your business on LinkedIn. Connecting with potential customers this way is a great opportunity to let them know you’re an industry expert and your services are valuable.

5. Virtual office space and virtual receptionist solutions

Feeling like most of you budget is put toward office space leases, maintenance, office supplies, etc? Being a small business doesn’t mean you must have a fully-furnished, professional office space in order to keep up with larger competitors. There are other solutions available. For example, virtual office solutions.

Choosing a virtual office solutions package will still give you a legitimate business address to use for you business cards, website, local listings, etc. That address can also act as a destination for any mail you might receive. Davinci Virtual offers virtual office services that meet such needs for small businesses. Most of the Davinci locations have onsite staff that can forward mail to you and handle any walk-in clients that see your business listed at your virtual address.

But what about meeting with clients? If I don’t have my own office space, where am I supposed to host meetings? Davinci’s virtual office services also have a solution for just that. With your package, you are allotted an amount of time to use professional, fully-furnished business single offices or conference rooms. And if you need space for longer than the time allotted in your virtual package, Davinci rents meeting rooms for a low cost—by the hour or by the day.

You can also free up a significant amount of your own time by using Davinci virtual receptionist services. These receptionists are live, U.S.-based, professionally-trained receptionists available to handle a wide range of duties that a typical receptionist might handle such as call forwarding, customer service, voicemail management, appointment scheduling, and even outbound calling on your behalf.

Free up your budget for your marketing department by contacting Davinci today.


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