How to Avoid Costly Small Business Operating Expenses With Virtual Office Solutions

As a small business owner, you enjoy the perks of running a small company. It’s nice being your own boss, making your own schedule, calling the shots, and avoiding corporate politics, but it isn’t always easy.

Running a small, one-person business comes with greater responsibilities. You are now the head of accounting, customer service, business operations, marketing, and the list goes on. On top of that, you feel the pressure of managing your small business operating expenses. It never feels good to see money come out of your pocket to cover overhead expenses. Hiring help to manage important tasks and leasing space to host meetings doesn’t always feel cost effective, but at times it’s absolutely necessary. Luckily, finding help or holding meetings doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers services that are perfect for small businesses. These services provide you with relief from tasks you feel are more mundane and keep you focusing on growing your business and serving your clients. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions also provides the perfect alternative to renting and maintaining a professional business space. The Davinci solutions will not only make your life easier—they will, most importantly, save you money.

Virtual Office Solution: Virtual receptionist services

What is a virtual receptionist? Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean it isn’t personal. The Davinci virtual receptionist package is a monthly paid service to have a live, well-educated person answer calls and attend to various business needs. They are trained on specifics about your business to best represent you and your company. With each call, they can transfer calls to you and even schedule appointments based on a calendar you control. Other tasks your Davinci virtual receptionist can cover include:

    • Outbound calling: These outbound calls can be for tasks such as appointment reminders, appointment scheduling, follow-up calls, third-party verification services, lead generation, or surveys and market research.


    • Order processing and customer service: Through an online commerce system, Davinci virtual receptionists can process order payments for your customers requesting assistance over the phone. And because they are trained in your business, they can provide support to other questions customers might have.


    • Voicemail management: Avoid seeing voicemails pile up in your inbox. With Davinci virtual receptionist services you can receive you voicemails as digital files in your email or even have them transferred into text so you can read your voicemails via email or text. Imagine the time you could save!

The Davinci virtual receptionists are always based in the U.S. and work in an office setting to maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Other Virtual Office Solutions

Do you ever feel the only negative aspect of your business differentiating you from large-business competitors is not having a professional, furnished, and fully functioning office space with accommodating meeting rooms? The Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offer the perfect solution to this problem. As a small business owner, it isn’t practical to lease and furnish a space for the weekly or even monthly meetings you have with important clients.

With a virtual office space, you pay a much smaller monthly fee to have all of the perks of having your own space. You’ll be able to use one of the Davinci virtual office addresses for your own business address that you can use on your website, business cards, or local listings. You’ll also have access to a slew of services including:

    • Mail forwarding


    • Lobby directory listing


    • Access to meeting and office space

A popular virtual office service is the access to meeting and office space access. This allows you to host business meetings or even utilize office space in a fully furnished, fully functional office setting. Each Davinci meeting space location offers a list of services including high-speed Internet, LCD projectors, plasma screens, and audio/video conferencing. There will even be a lobby greeter to welcome and guide your guests. Each Davinci meeting room location has an onsite staff that can provide other secretarial services such as copying, printing, faxing, mailing, and even catering services.

You’ll find that with Davinci virtual office solutions, you can provide the same level of professionalism your large-business competitors do.

Lower your small business operating expenses today by contacting Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.


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