Five Business Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Utilize

Most clients appreciate the more personable interaction available when working with small businesses as opposed to working with corporations. Though, as a small business it can be difficult to project and maintain the same level of professionalism as larger companies and still stay profitable.

If you’re a one-man shop or even a 10-man shop, it’s likely that you don’t need daily access to a spacious conference room, a hired receptionist, robust website monitoring features, etc. But for the times when you do need these services, it is critical to have them at a moment’s notice. So, is there a way to have your cake and eat it too?

We’ll share with you five must-have business tools to keep your business competitive, while still maintaining the small-shop, personable feel (all while keeping costs to a minimum).

    1. Google Analytics

      When it comes to building and managing a website, you realize the importance of understanding the flow of site traffic, where users are coming from, where conversions are happening, and how to get the very most ROI. There are several expensive site analytics tools available, but did you know that one of the most comprehensive tools is free? Yes, free. Before coughing out more money just to see how people are interacting with your business’s website, give Google Analytics a try. You’ll likely find that it provides all of the information you need for your circumstance with the comfort of a very intuitive user interface.


    1. Jira

      When it comes to working on projects, Jira is an organizing, get-it-done, task-managing lifesaver. It acts as a tracking system for all phases of a project—planning, building, testing, and launching. Jira’s system allows you to organize issues by task phases, who they’re assigned to, dates, and seemingly whatever else you might need! Additionally, the history of a project task is tracked all in one location for simple future reference. This software is priced depending on the number of users/month needed. You’ll find that nothing slips between the cracks when a project is tracked in Jira.


    1. Virtual Office Services

      Davinci Virtual offers small businesses, like yours, virtual office services. With a much lower cost than paying for an office space lease, you can have a professional business address. Davinci Virtual can forward your mail from the address you selected. You’ll even have access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, and office workspace whenever you need it—paid for by the day, or hour. This address can be used for business licensing, online local listings, search engines, and much more.


    1. Meeting Room Rentals

      Many times you’re on the go, meeting with important clients in other cities. You might even be one that works from home and needs a place to meet clients regularly but not frequently enough to lease a space. Davinci Meeting Rooms offers over 3,000 meeting spaces available in over 950 locations to rent for the hour or day. Better yet, Davinci’s mobile-friendly apps, found on iTunes and Google Play, allow you to search for meeting room rentals on the go, so you’ll always be prepared to have a professional location available with all of the amenities a meeting might need (wireless Internet access, LCD screens, LCD projectors, audio/video conferencing, office supplies, lobby greeter, and even food and beverage catering services).


    1. Virtual Receptionists

      Davinci also offers virtual receptionist services. This is a perfect solution for those that don’t frequently host clients or that don’t work in a large office setting. These virtual receptionists are trained on the specifics of your business model and can help relieve your stress by managing incoming calls, scheduling appointments, forwarding calls, taking messages, voicemail management, online faxing, and even order processing and customer service. There’s no need to take up all of your valuable time with the never-ending, minuscule (but oh so important) demands. Best of all, virtual receptionist services cost far less than hiring a person to handle your needs, even on a part time basis. Although virtual receptionists aren’t onsite with you, they are still based in the USA and in a professional office. Davinci’s virtual receptionists will help you maintain a high level of professionalism in your client interactions.

Contact us and accelerate your business with the tools from Davinci Virtual today.


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