Best Ways to Juggle Parenthood When You Work from Home

For parents, working from home is the perfect compromise between work and family. Davinci virtual office solutions let you run a national or even international business from the comfort of your home, by having a reputable office address and having mail forward to you at home.

However, you still need to strike a balance between work and family. It's easy to spend all of your home time mentally 'at the office' or neglecting work for family fun. If the balancing act is leaving you reeling, let these tips help you even the scales.

Be Realistic
Expect interruptions, even when you really can't afford them. Kids will spill things, have to come home from school early, and plead with you to come watch their latest puppet show. If you recognize and even embrace the inevitability of interruption, it will frustrate you less.

Set Boundaries
Make your expectations clear and your kids may just surprise you. Teach them to knock even when the door is open and to always check to see if you're on the phone before coming in. It's also good to have a few, set hours that you aren't available except for emergencies.

Turn Coffee Breaks into Family Time
Watch an episode of their favorite show with them, have them put on an art show or just talk. Your kid will feel special and you will be revitalized by the interaction. It will also help minimize distractions later.

Unplug on Family Outings

Once work is done for the day, let it be done. Don’t answer phone calls or e-mails while you're out and about. It detracts from the time you get to spend together outside the home.

A healthy work-family balance is essential for all families. With Davinci making it easier than ever to work from home, you can enjoy a more intimate work environment and be closer to your family. As long as you set boundaries for both yourself and the kids, you can perfect the juggling act.


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