Ways to Unblock Creativity Blocks

No matter how creative you are, there are times when you will face mental blocks that disrupt your flow of ideas. During these times, it is important to find new ways to unleash your creativity. With a few shakes and rattles, you’ll be right back on track for your big ideas.

Happy Workspace

Is your workspace conducive to the creative process? Consider doing a little spring cleaning. Remove clutter and other distractions hindering your free flow of ideas. Have necessary materials on hand, such as paper, pens, markers, and reference books. Try re-decorating your space with objects that help cultivate creativity, like fun colors, plants, or inspiring images. A fun work environment helps those stuck ideas fly free.

Midnight, Dawn, 2pm

Know your peak periods of creativity. Our brains do not operate at 100 percent efficiency at all times. Some people work better in the morning, others in the afternoon. Note the time when you concentrate the best and typically produce the most ideas. Set aside this time for creative thinking. You will have a better chance of stimulating creative thinking, generating ideas, and overcoming mental blocks during this time of optimum brain performance.

What Dreams are Made of

If your creative mind is really blocked, try stepping outside of the box. Literally. Go for a long walk outside or read an article or two of things not related to work. Try out mind mapping exercises, where you turn random words into creative ideas. Surrounding yourself with creative people and bouncing ideas off of them also helps.

It happens to all of us. Some days, creative ideas just get stuck. By using a few of these steps, help unblock your mind to finally enjoy those big ideas waiting to be set free.


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