Beverly Hills Style on a Shoestring Budget

You’re a fashion designer who has just created your first collection. While the clothes are great, it's been hard getting anyone to even look at it. You’re competing against dozens of other designers to get their work noticed, and your address isn’t helping.

You might have your large workshop in Nebraska due to cheap rent, but not many in the elite fashion world will take a designer from Nebraska seriously. A fashion house based in Beverly Hills, however, is a different story. Beverly Hills is the epicenter of style and all things trendy. However, you don’t have to look at the rental prices to know lease prices in this flashy town are through the stratosphere. Your small fashion house could be wiped out in a couple of months, if you had to pay rent that high for studio space.

While most Beverly Hills start-ups have to choose between paying ridiculously high rent or being located outside of the city, you don't have to make this choice. Davinci virtual office solutions are a great way for your business to be able to have a real address in Beverly Hills without running through all of its profits. To do this, Davinci lets you rent the Beverly Hills address for your business.

This allows you to work from wherever you want, whether it’s in California, Nebraska, or elsewhere. Davinci virtual office solutions give your company an address you can use on all of your mail, business cards, and advertising. Davinci will forward all of the mail from your new clients to your actual work space. With this arrangement, you’ll get all the prestige from having a Beverly Hills address, without the overpriced rent to match. Now that’s stylish.


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