Find Your Fans within Your Industry

In order to succeed in any industry in the modern business landscape, you must find and cater to your specific audience. There is no worse strategy than mass marketing, as you will end up pleasing no one.Below are just a few of the ways you can find the true fans in your industry who will hold up your business with loyal patronage.

1. Become a Regular at Industry Events

The first movers and shakers you need to find will usually attend industry events - right along with the producers and manufacturers. These could be taste-makers who have blogs that review products and services within your industry or just really interested consumers with a lot of influence. Either way, you should get to know them because they are the ones who will talk about you to their social groups and the masses.

2. Participate in Your Online Social Networks

When you set up your online social networks, you should make a real effort to participate and drive the discussion. This is more than just a thank you to your customers; this is the space to find what your customers want and promote a product they’ve been waiting for. Social media is also a great place to test out new ideas and show your company’s personality.

3. Note Who Responds to Your Promo Efforts

The people who consistently respond to your promo efforts are the ones who you want to stay in touch with. People you have to constantly run after in order to respond to a promotional unveiling are usually not worth the effort. Take the low hanging fruit because these people are the ones who are looking for products and solutions they believe your company can handle.


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