Linking Up with Linkedin

If your company is already using a virtual office or considering signing up for an office address in your favorite city with the best of business reputations, you’re probably already familiar with the benefits of working remotely and taking advantage of the Internet to better your company. Perhaps you maintain a blog or you use Skype to video conference to keep in touch with clients or employees, but what about Linkedin? The Linkedin interface is still a fairly new addition to the business world, but it has the power to greatly improve your business. Follow these few tips to get the most out of a Linkedin account:

Understand Linkedin

Before you jump in, take the time to browse and learn about the outlet. It’s meant for business professionals and companies to make sales, create partnerships, and recruit new employees. Linkedin is a network of professionals looking to make connections with like-minded businesses and employees.

Create a Profile

Begin by setting up a profile with a photo, current and past positions, specialties, recommendations, and a profile summary. Include certain keywords you’d like others to associate with you so you show up in the search results. This is your chance to show off your skills and make yourself appear reputable and professional.

Search for Connections

Make connections with your past and present colleagues, clients, and go as far back as classmates, and educators. From here, you can connect with friends of friends, or connections of connections to grow your network. Realize however, unlike Facebook, if you do not personally know a connection, you must first send a message requesting a connection.

Make Recommendations or Endorsements

When you make recommendations about your connections you’ve previously done business with, this encourages them to do the same for you.  If your counterpart needs a little nudge, you can always request the highly sought after endorsements as well. Your recommendations and endorsements appear on your page, which help to provide you with more credibility and round out your profile as a competent individual who can be trusted to do a great job.

Join Groups

Join industry related groups and take part in discussions. This is an area where you can gather advice or provide it, and establish yourself or your company in the field. Groups also offer you the opportunity to increase your connections in your preferred industry.

All in all LinkedIn can be a great tool, if you remain active in it and keep your profile up-to date. Boosting yourself and your business online has never been cheaper.


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